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Thread: There is no point in playing if i can't complete a match. Address this Issue UBI | Forums

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    Exclamation There is no point in playing if i can't complete a match. Address this Issue UBI

    Xbox is absolutely unplayable. Im trying to level this cent up so i can get some gear, but almost every game someone gets kicked which causes a domino effect.

    One guy on the winning team left which caused everyone to get kicked which means its not all about rage quitters.

    I'd easily have 100,000 more steel by now and god knows how much XP

    How is this not fixed by now? What an embarrassment of a company.
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    3x in a row just now people dced at the start of a match.

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    I completely agree, I've only played at the most 15 full games since the DLC came out. How the hell am I suppose to play this game and enjoy it!?

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    100% agree, on Xbox it's almost impossible to play a full game, there's a disconnection every single game without fault.
    The patch introduced so many more bugs into the connectivity it's a joke. The effects of 1.06 are completely erased, it's worse than ever. After several months you'd think a multi billion dollar company would have fixed the issue, but instead they let it get worse and worse by releasing unfinished patches.
    I'd rather wait longer for new content so I could actually play the game.
    Almost impossible to get 50 kills in Elimination over the course of the order rotation because of "Error"
    No point in the season pass because with the amount of time I've played the Centurion might as well have waited like everyone else.
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    Ubisoft needs to learn how to fix previous problems before putting new **** into the game. Due to the increase of stats, I had a huge loss of steel because I had 7 108 characters and now this **** wont let me finish any orders or games. This game just keeps getting more pathetic, but UBI believes they should keeping adding stuff and being oblivious to all the problems issued by the users.

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    pc is the same...

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