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    Um, has the hacking radius decreased in size please?

    Just doing my usual positioning method when I hack, and noticed that the radius is way off position.

    Have you guys decreased the radius?
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    I've noticed this too.. you line up the circle to grant u the perfect spot to hide in.. start the hack.. then its like the circle shrinks to the first lowering of the diameter instantly.

    Every hack tonight and last night has done it.
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    I havent seen anything in the update notes that mentions this, but its deffo not performing like it used to.

    I think i lost every game as a result of this since the DLC came out.

    Any feedback from the devs regarding this would be helpful, thank you

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    Can a mod move this to Technical Support please?

    I think this is a proper bug that needs attention.

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    might be worth raising it the correct way?

    Tech support forum is one thing.. logging it as a ticket is another.

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    No chance, it took them 6 months to reply to me on an issue in WD1.

    I posted it in Tech Support forum, which describes itself as a place for reporting bugs......

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    I'll see what I can find out for you but please feel free to report it to our Support team in the meantime, just in case it is not a new feature.


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    I'm experiencing this too. As soon as the hacking starts the hacking area shrinks. Makes invasions near impossible. Also had this happen while I was at 92% complete against two targets, all of a sudden I was 50 meters outside of the hacking zone and had to move fast. Luckily I was in pretty much the only possible location where I could pull it off.

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