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    Face The Yeti Society!

    Dear Steep Riders,

    Today, we’re very proud to introduce you to Steep’s Yeti Society! The Yeti Society is (for now) a small “Club” of players who showed dedication to our game and are eager to push it beyond limits.

    As you already know, Steep is here to stay and, since the very start, we want it to be Community driven. This group is meant to help us moving forward with that and stay synced with your needs and expectations in the long run.

    In a very near future, it will become a major entry point for us to collect your feedback, kickstart upcoming contests and create additional content for the entire Community. We’re currently counting 16 Yetis – coming from different horizons and expertise.

    On Playstation 4
    CookMeAKid, P4NCH0theD0G, hyydarkstar, hammerhead29, OakleyFLAK, vi77ain

    On Xbox One
    Kdogg788, xGBx Boogie, SiNoMaTiC, vekstthebest

    On PC
    VanessaMagick, Tergo0, SNiiKx, Mstifye

    Here is a short introduction video of them in full action:

    Eventually, we’ll open and grow this group to more players but for now, please join us in welcoming them by:

    This weekend, take a selfie/portrait pic with a red and blue Yeti (not their ghosts) and send it to steepcreators@ubisoft.com (with your and Yeti’s game ID) to win an exclusive Yeti Society badge* for your character!

    We’ve added 8 Yeti challenges to the game, 4 in the Alps + 4 in Alaska. Finish on top of one of these leaderboards on May 31st to win an exclusive Yeti Society badge* for your character.

    BONUS: By finishing on top of “Super Yeti Challenge” leaderboard you will also receive a GoPro Camera! Please check our terms and conditions here.

    Good luck!
    The Steep Team

    *To be delivered end of June to your inventory.
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    I am a Yeti, hear me roar!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vekstthebest View Post
    i am a yeti, hear me roar!

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    Good job guys! SiNoMaTiC and Mstifye have been really fun.

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    Great to be a part of something great!!!

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    Cool. That might help. But let's judge on content delivered, not hot air like this. So far they managed to pull the really disappointing winterfest pack in some long 6 months. So Let's celebrate if they put game improvements where their mouth is! A clean update on the tricksystem would be worth more than a hot air society to calm the audience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mstifye View Post
    no offence intended but your checkpoint challenge is garbage. the amount of luck you need to hit the checkpoints in midair is really dumb

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