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    Parry even though guard is too slow?

    Hey guys, can anyone tell me if guard switching speed is important when it comes to parrying attacks?

    Can I still parry if I press in the same direction of the incoming attack even though my guard would technically be too slow to block it?

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    Uhm, you know how parry works? It is a Heavy Attack in the correct moment, and it has to be on the mirroring guard-stance the Attack is coming from. So no, if you switch too late you wont do a parry.

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    Ok ya, I've heard you can still parry quick lights with the right reactions, even though your guard stance doesn't follow.

    Just making sure if that was true or not. Guess not.
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    I believe you can actually. I hear the pro streamers saying you can beat your guard stance by going for the parry. I guess this is because there is no guard stance delay on attacks.
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    You can parry warden's top light with raider even if you're not in top stance if you're fast enough. Guard switch speed doesn't affect parries.
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    Ahhh ok, That's great news! Thx guys!

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    It's possible:
    Granted the above is a very extreme and maybe a special case. It's also possible in more normal circumstances.

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    Blocking is affected by stance switch speed, parry is not.

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