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Thread: That Ghost Recon Splinter Cell skin makes me want an open sandbox SC game so bad! | Forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by V.M.R_Sephoroid View Post
    Do I rly have to know You, Your likings, and Your posting history to comment Your single post above?
    My response to Your post was containing mainly my critic on GR WL, nothing to take personal.
    I didn't try to insult You.. I'm sorry if You felt insulted, that was not my point.
    From my perspective You've just mentioned the less important problem of GR WL (animations), which was highly suprising for me.
    Those lines were directed to You:

    I did use "IF cause like You said, I don't know You. You are right, I don't. So I do not judge You in general, but rather assume some stuff based on Your post.
    I'm not sure what You ment, that's why I did use "IF".

    You also did say it was fun in COOP. For me it was unplayable mainly because of AI, but also many more broken things.
    Let's say it was far from being fun in my point of view.

    Rest of my post was directed to ubisoft and just a general wine.
    I didn't want to insult anyone, I'm sorry if I did.
    Don't take forum posts too personal pls, we don't comment here on people, but on their opinions.
    Well by reading you again, I think I may have overreacted to your post. But with LoneSpymaster's post just before, I felt like I was personnaly attacked again.
    You're right about what you're saying, so sorry if I felt rude with my previous post.
    But some people come here more to comment on people rather on the games, that already happened.

    I have a problem with Wildlands animations especially when the character is crouching. The way he/she goes back, the cover system, the way he/she walks. That looks so cheap and not realistic at all for me.

    But yeah we talked deeper about Wildlands on other threads and AI was one of the main problem for those who played the beta at the time. But unfortunaltely most of Ubisoft's games don't have a good AI so we're kinda used to it.
    Of course the game would be better with a proper AI but in the main time, the game felt funny in some ways if you play with friends who can forget all the problems the AI had. Especially when you play stealth. But in coop it often went in gunfights (but mainly because I played with non-stealth players). So in that specific way yeah it's fun some minutes but not more because the game is extremely repetitive and it becomes quickly boring.
    If I found the game really fun, I would had buy it. But I didn't because I know how Ubisoft current games are.

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    Well, I guess what we'll get with next SC will be only open world multiplayer experience where players make their own stories ...

    But this has already been posted here, so let me just add to general scepticism about next SC game.

    Strange, there is a trend of companies kinda sorta returning games to their roots - modernized, but still getting to original topics and concepts. CoD, Resi Evil, hell even Battlefront is said to have strong emphasis on story-driven progress. Can't Ubisoft, take a hint?

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