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    Truth is, that guitar isn't really a sustain monster. Listen to the reviewers, and it is more for jazz style, and that's not like us rockers who have to pose for a few photo ops while our notes sustain. LOL. It's sweet spot really is from the 3rd to the 12th fret. Are you wiping your strings after you play with a lint-free rag? You can get those guitar polishing rags for really cheap. Anyway, yeah, you might also look at fret leveling, but that can run some extra $$.

    Sorry, I didn't recommend, "turn up the gain on your amp/volume on your guitar", but that's something that RS doesn't really do. What you might notice about guitarists when they start to move up to the upper frets is that most will push their volume a little more. RS teaches you to leave everything full on. There's nothing wrong with that, but that's not realistic when it comes to playing through various amps and guitars. You'll find yourself making changes to your volume and tone. Anyway, with RS (as RCole points out), you don't get great sustain from many guitars. It's just the way the hardware works. On a real amp, you can turn your volume back and you'll hear it slowly start to roll off as you go. I usually set mine around 7. That way, I have headroom for things like this. What RS does is to compress the signal heavily, so when you're playing with a volume of 5, it sounds like a volume of 10. There's no dynamic.

    You'll find that RS reacts differently to different pickups and different guitars. There's likely no problem with your axe.

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    Had a similar issue with my son's squire... only present in rocksmith (not though an amp)... ran a full set up, string change, fret level check etc... in the end just needed to raise the pickups slightly... worth a shot before going crazy and spending a ton of $$$ getting unnessecary work done on the guitar. (I do my own setups etc so cost me nothing to do)... I think is has to do with locksmith putting your signal through a noise gate.

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