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    So this mean the headlights and rain will finely be fixed?

    Originally Posted by DualityGamer Go to original post
    The crew got more bodymods, more interesting specs that can be aplied to pretty much any car. ooh! did I mention cops? and what you said, "bigger map". And please stop comparing a 2013 game to a 2016 lol
    Yeah the olny thing that FH3 has on the crew is the paint and vinyl system thats pretty much it.
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    we need PINK SLIPS MODE...we need 1 vs 1 we need 2 vs 2...we need more competitive driving games....please add a pink slip mode...this is the new ERA
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    The best is yet to come..... I don't consider having to buy a new game the best at all. The current one has plenty of life left in it and much room for improvement. A massive additional map would have been fine for me.

    I will follow the news, but if the new one is yet another online only game, don't expect a purchase from me. I am still playing TDU, that tells enough how long I love to play my games.

    Also sorry if I don't take your reassurance about The Crew 1 too seriously. One only has to look at all the forums of previous versions of other Ubi games, once a new version is released..... not to much support there, except for pointing to the new version. Unless you release an offline mode, we all know what will happen.... yet another useless and still broken Ubi game in our game library.

    You got me curious, but far from convinced.
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    Yeah the olny thing that FH3 has on the crew is the paint and vinyl system thats pretty much it.[/QUOTE]

    ...and more cars, and better and realistic phisics, and beter cockpit camera, and better AI, and basicly better DRIVING game
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    The crew 2


    I want ask Ubisoft please when you later will do payed dlc PRETTY PLEASE this dlc also have support new trophy because when we must pay for this and no new trophy it's very bad , motivation zero buy another dlc

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    Great, Ivory tower has amazing devs who care a lot about the game they make and also listens to wishes of the community. The only downsides is that they're probably working on a rather limited budget. I rarely pre-order games and even rarely buy games at full price, but I'm happy to make an exception for Ivory tower.
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    [QUOTE=Gargie396;12649245]So this mean the headlights and rain will finely be fixed?

    Whats wrong with the headlights and rain?
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    No reset to start new game?

    Originally Posted by Ubi-Gaidheal Go to original post

    Beyond the road... Stay with us for more high octane thrills!
    I enjoyed Crew 1 but wanted to start fresh and replay from the beginning, even after purchasing all of the season passes. I will wait this one out.
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    Yep, a lot of people wanted a reset for The Crew, myself included.
    We need more save slots, so we can switch between a 'finished' game, but still play it, like The Crew is today, and able to switch to another save and start a new game. AND it has to be able to switch between the 2, and still have them and not overwrite the other.

    I bet TC2 will be on the Wildlands game, so they dont have to make another engine.
    And, if it is, the driving physics will be 10x worse than they are now.

    I also hope they dont give in to the whiners who want it to be a sim game.
    There are enough sim games out, but not enough games like TC which are in-between, AND a good game.
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    Can it be more like Forza and less like Mariokart?
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