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    Originally Posted by EvilKer Go to original post
    What he says.


    Hipfiring is ok, ok isn't that hipfiring is mostly only way to kill.
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    Originally Posted by Solidus... Go to original post
    U want say that owning over and over and over NPC's are some kind experience? During walkthrough an legendary mission i don't feel any experience I feel only boring disgust, and think only how to end this fast. And turn DZ in to one huge legendary mission... no thanks.

    We had NPC's even tougher than legendary and i guess u know result. But in that time DZ was almost only place where to get top gears fast.

    I want some kind events which involve other players. Free roam place where can happen anything and everything with the participation of other players.

    For example:
    Some kind invasion detected

    Huge amount of rikers was seen near library, and theyr amount are so huge, just like in clear sky only bigger, that one man group of 4 just simply can't deal with them. And can be done at least with 4 groups.

    To make this thing even more fun boss can drop loot first who take it win, and then u just start killing those who picked it up to get it back
    Damn... Your suggestion is better than mine !

    But we agree than we need something more in DZ than we have right now :-)
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    i like the ideas of making your choice of agent or rogue before joining server, id also like to see 3 other types of server, a strictly solo server, a 1-2 man team server and a 3-4 man team one. 1 player has chance against 2 but once 3-4 involved you have to be really good. the idea of an event where all players need to join together to win against npcs sounds good too.
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    Originally Posted by Neumeusis Go to original post
    Damn... Your suggestion is better than mine !
    Actually that wasn't suggestion, that was what i expected since day one.

    And expected something more, live trading, and let me explain how it could look in game.

    • Trading

    Lets imagine that 1.3 is still out there LZ mostly garbage loot, and DZ top. But many players don't want go there afraid from gankers etc. But those player who don't afraid from DZ all gathered items can put on selling to Boo dz vendor. UBI still can make minimum price to not allow sell them for 1credit and broke economic. Then there would be a vendor which are whole time stocked up with interesting fresh infected items from DZ.

    P.S. My English isn't great and that is a bit too difficult make description more detailed and constructive. I simply can't put whole idea detailed on paper on English.

    • Request table

    Lets say ur looking specific gear part, and u set up request on that table. And then an DZ player read that, and then during farming found ur requested item.

    • Mercenaries

    Lets say u was ganked and trolled in DZ, u remember name and put price on his head. Then an DZ hunter hunt him down, hi get an badge from him and trade that badge for price.

    P.S. I make short description in raw way, such feature requires a polishing, cuz today it would look that i will give my head with out a fight and my friend take my badge and change it for price.

    U want be in DZ, a farm a little bit there, or just travel trough it but ur whole time owned by rogues, but u can hire an pro rogue murder group who accompany ya trough whole DZ, trough each boss.
    And sure u can be killed by that hired group and that would create reputation element. U get killed by hired group then u just simply tell to everyone that they are deceivers and then nobody ever hire them. and there can be well rated groups by those who hired them before and say yea those dudes are fair and do what they promise.

    And in all those features have live players interaction.

    P.S. U can save this game if its turn at least a little bit in to RPG. I didn't buy any expansion, cuz no one interested me. Check out an amateur mod for "arma 3", "Altis life" and how popular it is, and it was created by amateurs, and it is fun mod. But if Division will stay like only boring PvE RnG simulator it will die. I told u that when after 3 months from 300+ clan members we stay only around 15. Today we are 2-3, and reason wasn't too hard NPC, or DZ full of gankers, or too bad loot.

    Most elementary thing which should be since day one still doesn't exist -a clan feature.
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    that survey is a bit complicated. for example do u play solo or with group there are no third option sometimes solo sometimes group. Do u like be a rogue, there are no option -i was but now that isn't fun for me.

    I guess better would be create another one thread and make questions number by number. and then we can replay number by number.
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    A PVE dark zone with a hunter in each zone, that when killed would drop a better item of loot, maybe exotic @ 5% rate
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    What a bad survey.. Needed to answer all questions and it got stuck on "bad format on comment" but could not find what was wrong so gave up.
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    PvE only DZ and a PvPvE Darkzone - Rewards are the set but wont force players in pvp.
    Factions - if within a set faction you CAN dmg other factions only. If rogue you AUTOMATICALLY have friendly fire ON. rogues can hit other rogues with everything. non rogue factions can hit other enemy factions. See warframe factions, some of them have allies that share reputation when you earn one, you earn for the other, but gain BAD rep amongst the non allies.

    rewards for DZ should be faction themed.

    MORE cover based play!
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    Limited to 200 characters on what keeps us from going into the DZ. I think I managed to get the 5 or 6 major reasons listed.
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