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    The only real question is how can they possibly continue to ignore the majority of players. This survey will just confirm that more than half of the player base wants a PvE version of the DZ.
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    i see people asking for PVE darkzone , well ok but we already have a whole world pve , missions , incursions , HVT , boss all over the map

    so why u need PVE darkzone for ?

    if they made PVE Darkzone that will be end of missions , incursions matchmaking anymore , people will not care to play incursions or missions now .

    i don't think i am with this idea will work it will kill the pve world Literally unless there is a good reason for PVE darkzone
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    I think agent cooperation should be encouraged, and that should be a core feature of a +24 player openworld or PvE DZ. Could add alot of contrast to the DZ

    My reasons I don't like the DZ is what Demiz3r says.
    In additional is that loot is so plentiful that I can get all the loot I need without going into the DZ.
    And I don't find supply drops and contamination events fun (Kill some dudes, get even more loot).
    Don't get me wrong, I want to do some more PvP, but the PvP sucks in the Division and the DZ Sucks (But has huge potential).

    As Demiz3r said, you have been getting feedback for a year.
    If you want to know something specific, post a survey. I don't mind doing surveys everyday if it means progress of development will speed up.
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    How did i miss this thread?

    Originally Posted by mattshotcha Go to original post
    This survey is mostly for people that regularly play the Dark Zone, so keep that in mind.
    I'm one of them till this day. and don't afraid from rogues.

    I make an thread in "feedback" section but i can repost it here

    • Craft parts

    Today whole top loot is in LZ. But l'm still DZ player and want get at least some kind reward for that.

    Before if u want farm craft parts u have LZ and DZ, In LZ if u open even 3 boxes on one sight that wasn't enough to create a single gold part. While in DZ u need to open 3 boxes and create one gold part.

    Today in LZ u can open 3 boxes and get 6-9 gold parts, in DZ only one part tech , what mean in DZ u need open 18-27 boxes to get same amount of gold parts.

    In Dz that is several hundred meters + hungry NPC's and rogues. And yellow catches are simply not enough.
    And increase bag from 9 to 15 to extract more garbage per extraction to sell, deconstruct.

    • Better quality items

    What if DZ items make just with better quality?

    For example body armor can be with 1700-2000 armor. What if in DZ body armor will never drop with armor less than 1900? That is not only about body armor, and armor, its about all stats in it. Simply all DZ items have higher minimum stats number than LZ. Firearms/Stamina/Electronics will be always 1200+. Or an AK with damage 30k-35k, in DZ will always drop with 33k-35k.

    Supply drops, contaminated events are mostly ignored cuz u get still same garbage with only one difference u don't need extract them. And that would be nice to see exotic caches as drop from bosses with chance which was with gear set caches when it was implemented first time.

    Otherwise weekly/daily/free roam bosses are more profitable than DZ. And DZ will stay as pointless battleground.

    What i can say about PvP? I never expected from "Tom Clancy's" brand "Quake" style shooter.

    P.S. DZ player amount is much higher than number of those who complain about PVE DZ here on forum. When i set up search for an LZ activity its takes more time than searching group for DZ.

    P.S.S. Can make more suggestion, but want get replay at least on this one.

    Give a choose for players which split player base in two factions rogues and agents. Faction members can't shoot each other. lets say 4 man group of agents meet lone rogue faction member they can shoot him on sight. Rogues have manhunt symbol like it is now, and agents have different symbol(my, and my group members symbol is invisible i don't want whole time see symbol over my head) . And no timers, and no info on map about factions presence there. Something like this. and u cant change factions when ever u want, u press change faction and time is ticking and change ur faction in one week or month.
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    I agree.

    Played the DZ quite a bit, but now it is not very interesting.

    PvE part is too easy as soon as you are in a group (2-3-4 man squads roll on mobs).
    Legendary missions and Incursions are far better to offer a PvE Challenge.

    Rewards are too low :
    - little Phoenix credits gain
    - little loot gain
    Again, Legendary missions and Incursions provide far better rewards.

    And loot drop so much in DZ that you spend your time extracting. Then sorting your extracted stuff.
    Most of the time it's trash.

    So very often regular DZ players only extract caches. Which are obtained by opening chests and rarely from mobs. So most of my DZ games are : run from chest to chest and kill Cleaners during Contamination Events.
    Mhe. I'm better running Legendary Missions and Incursions.

    DZ should be hell on earth : hardest NPCs (well, maybe not in the lower parts, but at least on the top parts), but also loot heaven (all Exotics should have a chance to drop and looted gear should have higher floor values).

    Well, just my point of view.
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    Yea, I think the DZ should have more purpose, tension and fun(<-- Subjective, I know.).
    Loot is easy to obtain outside the DZ. And the tension of the DZ was lost to me after patch 1.3.

    It might be hard to do, but like you said Neumeusis, the DZ should be a loot haven, which right now it is, but the rest of the game gives enough rewards that going the DZ for loot is almost pointless.
    Overall, for me, the DZ is almost pointless and there isn't anything interesting in their.
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    Originally Posted by Neumeusis Go to original post
    DZ should be hell
    Killing each other players for loot yes, hellish npc's no.

    At least i, don't want see that called tension and fun based on PvE. And DZ should be available for loners too.
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    Originally Posted by Solidus... Go to original post
    Killing each other players for loot yes, hellish npc's no.

    At least i, don't want see that called tension and fun based on PvE. And DZ should be available for loners too.
    Well, i would be happy with Legendary NPCs at least :-)
    And as i said, more in the higher parts of DZ. Let the lower parts for loners and begginers, give higher parts to more experienced players !

    For me, as soon as i meet a Rogue it is hell (i suck at PvP in this game...) ;-)
    It is hard to balance because of some part of the Rogue mechanics design and the fact that DZ is PvEvP, groups can be any size from 1 to 4...
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    Originally Posted by Neumeusis Go to original post
    . Let the lower parts for loners and begginers, give higher parts to more experienced players !
    U want say that owning over and over and over NPC's are some kind experience? During walkthrough an legendary mission i don't feel any experience I feel only boring disgust, and think only how to end this fast. And turn DZ in to one huge legendary mission... no thanks.

    We had NPC's even tougher than legendary and i guess u know result. But in that time DZ was almost only place where to get top gears fast.

    I want some kind events which involve other players. Free roam place where can happen anything and everything with the participation of other players.

    For example:
    Some kind invasion detected

    Huge amount of rikers was seen near library, and theyr amount are so huge, just like in clear sky only bigger, that one man group of 4 just simply can't deal with them. And can be done at least with 4 groups.

    To make this thing even more fun boss can drop loot first who take it win, and then u just start killing those who picked it up to get it back
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    What he says.

    HIPFIRING, ASD Shift strafing, toxic voice chat and cheaters.

    Originally Posted by Demiz3r Go to original post
    I'm not trying to be rude and I'm not trolling either. Do you really need to ask why less and less players are entering the DZ to save the game? We have been constantly giving you feedback about the darkzone for over a year now. I guess you haven't been paying attention. The darkzone is **** because the SERVER LAG, OVERTUNED NPCS, ****TY PVP MECHANICS such as HIPFIRING AND STRAFING,TOXIC PLAYERS, ROGUE MECHANICS/LEADERBOARDS, and HACKERS... Cool concept.Terrible execution. Let's be honest. The Darkzone is a grief zone. Everyone is there to grief each other. There is no high risk high reward. It's full of toxic players that like gank other players and run away trying to clear their rogue timer for the leaderboards. In my humble opinion, the pvp experience is the darkzone is ****. It's the worst pvp I have ever experience in a game.

    I quit playing the dark zone because it's toxic and it's not fun anymore. The leaderboards did not promote any good behavior. All I saw in the darkzone was mutigroups going rogue and standing in circles waiting for their timer go off to boost their score on leaderboards or killing solo players. How is that good behavior? As a solo player, I was constantly getting shot in the back by gank squads and they would ran away. Not only that. You would have multiple groups of rogues in the darkzone running away in different directions. They would not fight each other. It was boring to chase one squad of rogues across the map and they will timeout. It's obnoxious to chase rogues across the map all of the time. How is this suppose to be fun?

    Let's not forget to mention how overtuned the NPCs are in the darkzone. They are still a bigger threat than players and their aggro mechanic is ridiculous. I would be clearing one landmark and all the npcs from different fractions roaming in that surrounding area would come and work together to kill me. Their 100% accuracy melt my health down and an axeman would stunlocked me with his axe till I die. GG..

    The constant server lag in the darkzone is atrocious. The constant delay with client side and server. Npcs will teleport around you and players will slither across the map. Invisible grenades and hit req issues. We have been waiting for update on server lag. Can you give us update on this issue?

    Another serious issue you have in the darkzone is that there is no anticheat. Hacking is running rampart in the darkzone on pc. You have a lot of players that are constantly using cheat engines to kill other players in the darkzone. The hacking on pc is getting worse every day and you are not doing enough to punish these cheaters. This kills the game experience when you have the same hacker that have been reported multiple times is killing everyone in the server on different days. Your system relies on player reports yet it takes up for a month for you to respond to each report. I literally got email a month later for each report i have submitted through ubisoft support. it's a joke. you need implement an anti cheat program.

    I completed the survey. I would like to see a solo queue dz where solo players can play with each other.

    I think the only way for that darkzone to be revitalize if you implement a fraction war system to what For Honor has. Introduce 2 factions that players can permanently choose for their character - Division Wave 1 (Rogues) or Wave 2 (Division). The darkzone will be constantly under siege by both player factions and NPC factions for control of DZ. Control of a DZ zone enables/restricts safe house access depending on faction alignment. Players of the same faction cannot harm one another. This is where you can introduce leaderboards to promote friction between the two fractions. This will decrease the toxic levels of the darkzone and promote new game play.
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