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    Hey TrumHeoMoi,

    Anthropomorphic Animal Art hits Home again this time, fur not included.

    A Croco-Conq wow man Just completely had no idea what you were going to do for the conqueror i Have to say though i do like him.You Just seem to have captutured the battle hardened essence of the conqueror. Demostrated by the Scar souvenir hes picked up across his eye.

    Your Extra details are alway great and help bring the characters alive.This time we have a Croco-Conq thats seen a few battles which can be seen on his trusty
    shield Scuffs and Scrapes to full Sword and Axes slashes that have taken slight chunks out of it.In this case given his stance and the viking helmet looks like he may have just finished A battle with a raider. I love His Orange and White Tabbard with the dirt the rips and tears in you have made it look well and truly Battle Worn. The slight nick in his armour round his neck where a weapons just managed to catch him as he had his shield up.

    I Also Really Love the Large spiked fail head.It looks cool espically with the nice work getting the metal textures spot on with you colour and shading can really see the effort you have put in once again all the way through his clothes armour and weapons.

    As For A Crocodile As a conqueror

    Well Conqs shield normally looks Large but with Croco-Conq being such a big Tough,Sturdy Muscled Guy.The shield looks all most small hehe.But
    You need that strength to constantly take hits on your shield and wind up a good swing the the heavy spiked flail Crocodiles certainly have that covered.
    And with natural scales for defence as well compliments a more defend and counter fighitng style.I think its good choice TrumHeoMoi he can even catch you out with his tale if he misses you with the shield BASH RAH!.

    Just Brilliant art work thanks once again thanks for sharing and putting that hard work and extra effort in

    I'am definitely going to have to get Croc-Conq on a T-shirt or somthing and I now have somthing new for My PC with the Knight Faction wallpaper
    Times does fly season 3 has Begun .

    have good week ,I look Looking Forward to your Nimble orochi

    Frog out
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    Thank you so much my friend, you have no idea how meaningful your support mean to me, I really appreciate it!
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