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    no serials

    I bought this game and did not get the serials required to make an online account.
    neither did a friend.
    It was also a pain to try and login.
    You need to look up your old username in https://account.ubisoft.com, and use that to login in the game when you create an online profile.
    Then you can login and get a prompt with a serial key that I did not get when buying in uplay.
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    still a thing?

    so... is this a regular thing?

    2 hours ago I was happily playing multiplayer in LAN and now I cannot play a LAN-Match (a LOCAL multiplayer-match) because the authentication fails. Because I have to connect to Ubisoft's ****ty servers to play a game that is 8 years old in a LOCAL SESSION! so now I'm sitting here and spend my time googling because customer service is taking forever.

    Is this going to be better in the future? Or do I just have to live with this. Because in that case a cracked version with tunngle looks a million times more tempting... just saying...
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