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    No more Cowards Corner

    This looks fantastic.
    GeeGee Massive.

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    Next they should make it so that if you go rogue in a zone your locked in that zone so if you go rogue in dz1 you can't leave dz1 untill your timer is over, that would stop the gankers that get manhunt and run like scared little girls lol

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    or just make it where when Rogue you run a bit slower. I dont chase them anymore, there is no point really, the DZ ranking system is a total joke now for some reason, it used to be a chore to get to 99 max and stay there but now its hard to not be maxed out all the time.

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    I like it. GG Massive

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    This is great. GG Massive for sure. Would like to see a few other changes to help like making bleed slow them down a bit more but this is a great start.

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    It's still fairly easy to defend the top of the library I assume we'll wait another 14 months for that fix....

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