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    How to stop smurfing and TKing on ranked

    so i stumbled upon this post and even if i don't play any dota, i really like the idea. having to link your phone number to your main account in order to play ranked games would really reduce that incredibly absurd smuring BS once and for all. it would also reduce the amounts of smurfs TKing, trolling or cheating on purpose in ranked because being banned would make it much harder to get a new account. what do you think?

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    I think that, just like CS:GOs version of it, I'd probably never have to confirm my phone number. Which means that, considering phone numbers are easy as pie to come across in online yellow pages equivalents, it'd change nothing of note. But then you have to also ask when it all gets a bit too much. I don't plan to play any more ranked on DotA2 after that patch hits simply because it's a pain in the arse to give out yet more personal details just to play a pigging game.

    I'd also like people to not start picking up on the idea and starting a trend, because it'd be really frigging crap if some of them started using your number for other things, like banks do. When you give your bank your details, part of the clause you sign (might be different for you/where you're from, btw) is that you give them the right to sell your deets, hence all the indian Steves calling your house telling you that you've been in an accident you don't remember. I don't want even more of those calls, they're cack as it is.

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    I honestly don't want to give a company my private phone number, there has to be a better solution.
    Like tying your MAC address to your account or Hardware ID.
    As far as I know, might be wrong here but Battleye is checking your Hardware ID and banning it if cheats get detected, so it shouldn't be that difficult to let Battleye check if there are several accounts on 1 single Hardware ID or not and ban those that are smurfs or smthg like that.

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    believe it or not i actually dont have a phone, landline or mobile nd there is no way in hell id give ubisoft my nuber even if i did.

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