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    Clue for 4/25 DLC


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    Vintage Pringles logo: 1967 - 1986

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    Well, it's Pringles, which are chips, which leads me to Chip Z'nuff, which tells me we're getting a pack from 80's band Enuff Z'nuff.

    Look at how quickly I solved that!

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    it's a gif -> we need a password. "pringles" could be a good start!

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    Remember when Pringles used "Jump Around" by House of Pain in their commercials back in the day?

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    That looks like a picture of Murray Pringle who claimed the title of Baronet based on DNA evidence...
    The baronetcy of Pringle of Stichill by the way.

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    I have a certain expectation for this week,

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    Not part of the clue: If you're having difficulties logging in (getting the 15-minute lock-out), try opening in another tab, logging into your account there, then go to the homepage. Hopefully that login will carry over. I was having the same issue, which is why the post was a few minutes late today.
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    Could you please try Baronet ?


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    Slow responses today... It's like everyone is burned out from so many weeks of hard clues.

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