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    That makes sense. Before I went to the m/kb, I felt like I was about maxed out with my controller skill. Now I'm much better than I was with a controller, but I feel I could still get a lot better with the mouse.

    But, to use your point against the original OP, now we are talking a small percentage of kb/m users out of the already small percentage that are using them on console.

    I think even decent MKB players are gonna have a sizable advantage over people using controllers in most FPS's. I do agree that the strategy and intelligence available in R6S can even that out a little bit in comparison to a lot of other games. I feel like most people that are using MKB on console are your people with average or less MKB skills. They use console instead so they can be more dominant.

    Any player with really good MKB skills that go into console games using MKB are just trolling to prove a point imo lor doing it for the laughs lol.

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    I don't know how good I am on the scale of m/kb players, but when I play other shooters (Doom, Uncharted 4, Sniper Elite 4) I am generally leaps and bounds above everybody else (mostly I am playing cooperative, so don't lose your ****). Basically the m/kb has taken me from an above average player to like the bottom of the best players in those games.

    In R6, I remain slightly above average. In addition to map knowledge etc, it seems to me that luck with having lag on your side and also knowing how lag and whatnot effects the game is a big part of doing well. That's why I keep saying m/kb in R6 on console isn't a huge deal.
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