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    Ps4 videos

    Hi All. New in the Forum. I am looking for some mature players who would like to help me making some Videos. I made one so far, but need more riders in Them. Please add me if you are interested. My Psn is Tau1310. Have a fine Day everyone. ☃️

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    Hey there!
    Welcome to the forum!
    Ahhh I would have loved to help, but I'm on PC..
    Still there's a bunch of users here on the forum that are on PS4!

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    Aah, to bad it is not Cross platform then. 😖 If you know any ps4 players, be sure to let them know.

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    Ahoy! there PS4 player! Sorry I've been AFC from Steep. I'd be down to shred some videos PS4 with you. I'll send you a PSN invite and message when I get some time later today.

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    Hey! Cool. ☺️ I won't be playing the next couple of days though. But I will accept your invitation tomorrow. 😁 Maybe this weekend will be a good time to do some lines? Thx alot for the interest. 😄

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    Psn: Talock5

    Add me, I've been making videos for a while. Let's shred!

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    Do you have a Youtube. Would like to see your creations. 😁

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    Add me Bling_CO PS4 Lv 30 explorer...would love to congregate for some gnar shredding!

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