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    Best controler?

    hi everyone,
    ...I use a Steelseries "Merc Stealth" keyboard and a Logitech G500 mouse in WoT and some of the Call of Duty games, and they do well, but I also have an X-Box 360 PL-3702 afterglow controller that is supposed to work on PC games like this, so I was wondering which would be the best or if there might be a better one you could suggest, I am an older guy that doesn't have a lot of experience with this type of game. I play mostly solo in games because I am on chemo and pain-meds and would not want to let anyone down in team-play just incase I crash and burn in a game LOL....
    ...any suggestion will be appreciated.

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    I'm an older guy to I'm using a Logitech G13 as my left hand controller plus it allows me set up my keys as needed.

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