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    Exclamation The Settler 7 Won't Start

    Hello, I've bought and installed Settlers 7 and when I try to launch the game it comes up with an error saying "gfx.bba not found" I've tried reintstalling Settlers and Uplay but the problem wasn't fixed, so now I'm stuck here with a game I haven't even played. Help!! The game looked so good and I want to play it, Thanks!
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    game wil not start

    every time I start the game it says something about the video mode could not be initialized, could not set screen error-2, does anyone know what this means and how to fix it. I have had this game for years and haven't been able to play. I thought with my new computer that I would finally be able to enjoy this game, but I cannot enjoy what I cannot play.

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    Same problem "gfx.bba not found" Verifying gives no error and when i press play it starts to install the vdc/direct x files again but ends up with the GFX.bba error.Want to play too

    Win 10 problem?

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