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    Last stand dps is wrong

    I am running a high end build with a socom scar l that does 28.8k damage per bullet. that gives me a 352k paper dps (8528 FA) but when i shoot the rogue agents it register around 9k per bullet this also includes 28.5 EAD. So simple math.. 28.8 x 35% = 10.08 OR 18.8K DPS per bullet. can some one verify this or am i wrong?
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    There is dmg modifiers for pvp dmg.
    0.42 for your pvp dmg
    0.3 for ead in pvp.
    Meanning in pvp you have around 9.5% ead and thus your bullets does 28.8*0.42*(1-(0.35-0.095))=9.0115 dmg
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