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    Quote Originally Posted by WBBCoop View Post
    Don't be so aggressive in your responses animal1 and your thread (YT count) might go up. started it m8. Your first response to Dikke_Neus came across as forward given the fact that some of use do not care about how to guides much less a link to a YT vid. There are some of us that actually read here and the pretty pics and vids don't do a whole lot for the game unless its a glitch or something (bad idea to post those). There is a spot which many members are to go to for such informative and creative vids such as this.. So to come across as anything other than polite should be your #1 priority to reflect on before you post. Just a suggestion man.

    As far as the pro tip..I recommend not throwing anything near the bathroom as a defender. If obj is up there then my first Thatcher nade goes right through a bathroom window. There is always something up there so no need to even drone it.

    Attacking you in the vid would mean I wiped out the C4, 1 Vak cam, One main interior cam..and any batteries or Kap traps with one emp..sweet! Thanks for sharing though. Next time just tell us whats in the vid and we will explain why the first sentence would have stopped at 'put a valk cam here'. Sorry if my honesty offends you (just in case).
    Hey WBB, first of all your honesty definitely does not offend me. I welcome constructive criticism such as your own but there's no need to be straight up rude and offensive, which those two were, without offering any kind of advice... I also appreciate that not everyone will like/agree with the content of my videos and posts and that's fine too. All I'm trying to do is offer some advice to people from my experience in ESL, GO4, GB's and hopefully soon Major League if we qualify. As far as this C4 thing in bathroom goes this has actually been one the most successful at all levels of play. Mainly because most teams, especially at higher levels, don't run a thatcher for that obj and we play a pulse underneath bedroom to stop people floor banging. Kudos to you though man. On the other hand like I've said before I never said these would work 100% of the time. Even if they just slow the attackers down or waste utility in dealing with it, that's a bonus to your team...

    When you say 'There is a spot which many members are to go to for such informative and creative vids such as this', where would that be man? I'm brand new to this whole forum/YouTube thing so I need as much help s I can get please.

    I will take your comments on board dude and try to be more placid in my responses. Cheers

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    you talk as if your word is law and anybody who disagree is wrong.
    Time yourself how long does it take you to do your valk set up

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