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    Mission Master trophy glitch

    I've completed all of the missions but the Mission Master trophy did not pop. The cartel destabilization is at 109% and all missions are showing as being completed. I suspect this may have something to do with the mission "Boat Ride", under El Cerebro, because sometimes when I fast travel the soldiers have the conversation about that mission. I must have heard it 100 times now even though I finished it a long time ago and it shows as being completed. I've tried replaying that mission but it did not help. If an Ubisoft rep is reading this, I could upload my saved data to you to examine. I have a copy of my game at 100% and have another copy in USB storage with one mission left that I saved. I'm playing on the PS4. Please fix this so I can finish the platinum!
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    Thank you for your report on this, nychris! Platinum trophies are extremely coveted, so I absolutely understand wanting to snag it. I've seen this particular issue mentioned a few times previously and have passed it along to the team for further investigation.

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    Thank you, Ubi-Iudex. If there is anything that I can do to help you troubleshoot this please let me know.

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