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Thread: [MAINTENANCE] - March 15TH 2017 - Match Stability Improvement - v1.03 Live Update 2 | Forums

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    2 restart game, 2h play ... 1 elimination done, rest Errors, 0006000037 ... FIX it
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    I would be really happy if we could get some info on the plans for what to do with raider and lawbringer. i am still playing lawbringer because i have a feeling you guys will make him god but damn i crave for some information about him

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    Now I just had a 6000021, and a 22... what gives?

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    After this patch the game is unplayable - I am getting almost constant 80% cpu usage and severe stuttering from the very moment the game starts. Even the Ubi logo and all of the menus are stuttering.

    PM me if you are interested in system/driver specs.

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    For some reason, I can't even connect to the game anymore since the maintenance. I restarted the client & game multiple times, but cant get past the "contacting to servers" screen, where it abruptly stops and gives me this message in a black box (can't copy&paste for some reason):

    "The For Honor servers are unreachable at this time. Please try again later. Fore more information contact http://support.ubisoft.com"

    Please help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KyleTessada View Post
    I usually don't have this problem... but now in the past 4 matches after this "fix" I have had two #6000039 disconnects on my open NAT connection.
    Can you let us know which platform and game mode you are playing when getting this?

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    Game dying not so fast as ubijerks wants.. So they make a hotfix to... FIX IT! And now game dying much faster! Great developers!
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    And now a 39..........
    What ever the "fix" was has actually rendered the game unplayable
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    how about #004000019
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    I have a new problem after this update on XBOX ONE.. After some time my controller doesn't respond! Only in this game! I still can only push main xbox button and navigate in dashboard.!

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