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Thread: Ubisoft Toronto hiring a new community developer. Time to communicate about SC 7? | Forums

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    I never said he's a bad person. Again with the assumptions.
    Okay. My bad. Sorry for assuming

    And they're paycheck is pretty ****in' big too.
    Not as big as you think. No seriously. Some LEAD devs maybe, but most standard devs don't get that much more, and they often work unpaid overtime from what I hear. Burn-out is a very common thing in this industry. Not to talk about community devs which - if you can believe the rumors - earn even less than normal devs (but more than programmers I think).

    Honestly, pal. Get used to me.
    That's not really easy to do if all that comes from your side is negativity. Maybe you need to take some time to get some distance to the topic and then get back in on it? Just a suggestion.

    I realize I become quite a different person when discussing Splinter Cell. I am VERY pessimistic, I'll give you that, but that's only when it comes to this subject
    Which is what I said.

    When I add a general complaint into a comment and you're only taking the complaint into account instead of the entire comment, that's being pessimistic. Just a heads up.
    Yeah. One of the main problems I have is that the ratio of one to the other is so big. Don't get me wrong. I read your comments if I'm reading a certain thread. Completely. Like I said before, there are some genuinely good points in there here and there. I would love to discuss them at times. It's just that the way you discuss them is a little difficult, and like you said yourself, when it comes to Splinter Cell (or Ubisoft) you are very pessimistic.

    I stopped playing games awhile ago, actually. I only discuss them so when something interesting enough to me comes out, THEN I'll go back to playing them. Have you noticed I haven't really been releasing videos in awhile? That's because I'm bored and don't play anything. The last time I can say I actually played games to play games was when Dark Souls 3 came out a year ago. I might get back on it to try the new DLC, but once I'm finished, I'll probably get back off and put the ol' Xbox away again.
    I actually think that is one of the problems here. You need to go out, try new games. I know there is a lot of garbage out there these days, but there are a few gems here and there too. Just find some games to occupy you, to revitalize a little bit of positivaty when it comes to games. I was like that a while ago. Only playing a few games a year, maybe even just 1 or 2, living in an echo-chamber of always having the same experiences with games, then stopping to play for quite a while and just discussing them. Problem is I find that more often that not - much like in science - theory and practical application have to go hand in hand. You have to keep playing to be able to develop and evolve your opinions, POVs and insight on games, to be able to discuss them better.

    And I've thrown in my 2 cents into them. I've already said repeatedly, I'm interested in the new Styx game, but because of the pre-order stuff and how games have been going lately with their broken releases, I decided to wait. However, I'm still hearing great things about the new Styx, but I'm also still going to wait a bit to play it.
    Yeah, I've mostly sworn of preorders as well these days, aside from some VERY special exceptions. Newest Mass Effect Andromeda release proves once again why it is a terrible idea to preorder. But in general it's just a bad practice. I rather wait until release day when all reviews are out and people actually tested it, then order it a few days later. Saves from a lot of disappointment.

    I hear Sniper Elite 4 is not bad. Also looking forward to Shadows of War later this year. I hate that Horizon Zero Dawn is not available for PC.

    Let's retrace the steps since I've already answered this.
    I'm on here to speak with YOU GUYS. I happen to always take a jab at Ubisoft on here because why? CAUSE I CAN.
    Maybe that's my problem. I don't mind people talking bad about Ubisoft, I'm not a Ubidrone, but I guess I always saw this part of your posts as your main message, as the thing you focus on (simply because your repeat it so often and always underline it with curse words, etc ).

    Actually I'd say some of that was factual and some was opinion, but the pessimistic thing was dead on. Kudos to you.
    Well a lot of is was opinion. In fact I'd say from a psychological perspective a lot of what we perceive, how we interpret and encode things in out environment, even visual information - but especially language - is very subjective and the meaning can depend a lot on what defines you as a person. As such even if I observe some things as facts, other people might have a different view on these "facts" and might see them differently, take them differently.

    But lets not split hairs and get all technical and literal here.

    If you want to actually irritate me, accuse me of being angry. I won't be offended, but I'll be a bit irritated that you believe I'm actually this very pissed off dude.
    Believe it or not, sometimes it SEEMS that way. I'm not reading ALL your posts either. So it's very easy to get the wrong impression of someone, especially on the internet. But I guess I learned something today, got to know another side of you. Maybe. We'll see

    And honesty is one of the best qualities in people.
    That I can agree on. Even if it hurts sometimes, it's better than lying to people.

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    I'll wait the movie of this topic

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