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    - I find it very interesting.Is it true that no
    - Western radar can match the SU30MKI's radar?AFAIK
    - the only known user of the SU30MKI is India.

    Depends on what you mean by "match".

    It might well be a very powerful radar - but it's engagement capabilities and what else it can do might be inferior to Western systems.

    However, I don't know, and I expect it's a very serious weapons system indeed.

    The MKI is only used by India, because the little I at the end means it's a consumer aircraft, built to the specifications of and for the use of India only . . . .

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    - The reason for Su27 having one MFD and F15C having 2
    - is that russians never bothered too much about pilot
    - and his workload. The pilot of Su27 can get all the
    - data, but he has to switch between different modes.
    - This does not prove inferiority of russian avionics.
    - Besides this, AFAIK F15C also has one MFD and one
    - screen only for radar.

    True - but ease of use can mean superiority . . . depends how you do it.


    - OK, there has been a countless number of such
    - threads with no conclusions and they always ended up
    - in a flame war. There is no proof for AMRAAM being
    - better than R77 or ARH versions of R27, so posting
    - such sentences without any basics is worthless and a
    - bit nationalistic.

    Weeeeelll . . . the big draggy vane-fin-things on the R77 hurt it last I heard. Shrug.

    - Yes, it invests more overall. But russia invests a
    - lot more into developement of fighter aircraft than
    - into other things! US invests in everything, ships,
    - tanks,........ So, speaking about funds here I
    - wouldn't be so sure that USA invests much much more
    - money into developement of fighters than russia.

    Not only that, but Russian companies seem to develop variations of the fighters on their own sometimes . . . and don't forget other countries put money in as well.

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    Look folks. Different Strokes for different folks.
    We build one wing bombers, they build two. The chinese...3.
    Who cares... This is a dicusstion thread about SIMULATION
    air combat....not real life.

    If things got mixed up between current technologies as defined in this thread, I would lean towards Western ONLY because I've grew up around it all my life on military bases around the world.
    The differences in radar type and the argument steming therin is also crazy. Radar can be "flooded". So let's not get to technical here and start a war when East and West is just starting to play nice with each other.

    In reality, I would suspect the costs of waging the battle would be too dangerous and costly for either side and hope cooler head prevail.. (because of escalation posibilities)

    So for now...we just have sims....



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    - It is well documented that the Russian Radar is much
    - more workload on the pilot then the Western Radar.
    - Read the Flanker 2.5 manuel to prove it.

    I'm not sure how reliable Flanker is as a source on Russian radar workload . . . . [img]/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-tongue.gif[/img]

    The thing that always gets me about the Russian cockpits is that while they might be more difficult to use, I personally think the information is displayed better - certainly for the old 1 MFD system, don't think I can comment on the newer ones.

    In, say, an F16, there's just a bit too much information and too many buttons (even true in Nova's offering) . . . . something I haven't had a problem with in Flanker.

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    Russian And Western VOR Antenna

    Hi everybody,
    My name is Vasco Garamendi and i am from Peru, i need help about a question that i need to know the answer for my exam, and i couldnt find it, well the question is the difference between russian and western VOR ANTENNA, please i will appreciate your help.

    thank you

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