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I'll copy paste a response I made to another thread so the information is in both places.

Saying "near future" was a poor choice of wording and I apologize that the wrong expectation was set. We weren't happy with how voip was functioning, which is why it was removed. Now we are making sure that VOIP is in a spot we want it to be before releasing it.

The Uplay VOIP settings don't effect VOIP in R6 Siege. So removing the VOIP from Uplay made it so you can't talk through the client, but will not have impacted your ability to use the R6 Siege VOIP. If you aren't able to use it, unfortunately that's not something we can assist you with and I recommend you get in contact with the game team.

but it does affect R6:Siege, the game used the same mic-in as uplay and now we can't change which source-in the game uses. In my case its not possible with my streaming setup to change my microphone to system default as my mixer is set as default device, This causes the game to broadcast my audio over the VOIP ingame. rendering me unable to give information to my team.
as it stands now, i cannot communicate with the team simply because i cant select which mic the game uses. if this was in the game, there would be no issue, but it isnt.

R6:siege is the only game i have that i have this issue with, litterally every other game i own has a way of changing the mic-in/sound-out settings. R6:siege had this through uplay, removing this feature is frankly ******ed.