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    Originally Posted by UbiFancy Go to original post
    Very sorry to see that you haven't received a response to your case yet I can look into your cases with you if you send me a private message with your case reference number.
    I sent you a PM with my reference number two days ago...
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    I submitted my case 10 days ago, still having no response
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    Im having the same issue with AC3, completed the first tw scenes and got the achievement for it "Mystery Guest" yet the Action didnt registered... but the worst is that a few months ago I reported the same issue with FC Blood Dragon and they solved nothing at all, just start over and the achievements were finishing the game and collections, **** off...
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    lol... really customer service 'round here is one of the worst I've ever seen...
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    Just had the same problem with getting level 20 in AC3 multiplayer. Achievement popped, no points or action. This is getting out of hand.
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    I submitted my case 12 days ago = NO REACTION
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    This problem seems to be massively widespread, as there are now many other threads about this.

    Ubisoft should be looking at doing a patch for this, as obviously something is broke.

    And of course there's no way I'm buying any more games from them until it is resolved.
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    just posting to say i have the same problem. i get the in game pop up saying action complete but not showing on my account. i just bought the unity pack too. and so far not getting anything for ac2- revelations. so came to the forums to see if it was known. so least i'm not the only one? yay?
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    Same problem here with Revelations and ACIII achievements can be unlocked but no actions points
    Also Revelations starts in offline mode and can't get online
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    I'm hoping the lack of response is due to them ****ting themselves over such a wide spread problem, affecting so many of their games and they are so hard at work trying to figure out a fix that they have forgotten that human beings actually like to have confirmations when they report problems that someone is actually looking into it...
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