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Thread: [SEAMLESS MAINTENANCE] All Platforms: Disabling High Fort and River Fort Maps | Forums

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    how to make gamer angry = be like ubisoft

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    Get dedicated servers

    literally every single f**king game in the last 2 days me and my friends have played we have been disconnected it is frustrating beyond belief all our NAT types are all open and we all have fiber optic its a great game but its just ruined by the constant disconnects and bugs, ive never played a game that been this god damn bad with connection issues. Please sort it now.
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    In today's Warrior's Den they mentioned that the Viking maps will be reimplemented and they stressed the community and the viewers to do their best to test the new maps in Custom games. Why not test them in the actual live servers for better feedback?

    What I'm afraid of is that we misunderstood the message the game director was trying to convey which is "Viking maps are back after patch, test them on Friday" when the reality is the Viking maps aren't coming back post-patch but the believed "fix" to the broken maps are implemented. If it is in fact the ladder I'm going to be hugely disappointed.

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    Game display goes blank in 2v2 brawl

    The screen cuts off during second match and you cant see anything ...please fix this...not sure why these games arent tested for better quality and stability...this is my first game purchase in over a year and im very dissapointed

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    So the Viking maps are only returning to custom games after the patch this week? I'm not quite sure if I understood that right in the Warrior's Den livestream, but I hope that he meant that the maps are being brought back into rotation in the actual Dominion mode to test it because I'm not looking forward to another +week of the same 4 maps over and over again. Anyone from Ubi that can explain what was said in the livestream?

    Quote Originally Posted by evermour View Post
    Why not test them in the actual live servers for better feedback?
    I agree with this man, fingers crossed lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ubi-Gaidheal View Post
    Nothing yet I'm afraid. But rest assured that we'll let you all know as soon as there's any development.

    I want to make a smartarsed remark about lack of development but I won't. Instead I'd like to know a bit more about the issue, if Ubisoft would bless a lowly, scum, peasant player like myself with some of their top secret information.

    What exactly do you mean "performance issues"? Are we talking, "I'm frame dropping and it upsets me because I am a Master Race PC Gamer with a rig that DARPA would envy". Is it, "My Xbone keeps choking" or "My PS4 only allows me to play Samurai"? Seriously, the lack of explanations are not only driving your customer base away but it's also leaving everybody wondering if your game is just a broken POS or if their is something we can do at our ends to improve stability and performance. But nobody knows because Ubisoft doesn't say anything.

    Are these performance issues unique and separate from the multitude of other bugs and failures we're all enduring?

    Are you sure?

    Will the new content be usable when it's released? (Given the downtime of these maps, the old content will actually be new content for most players.)

    Is Ubisoft even concerned about losing its player base for this game or do they just see it as a loss leading exercise and decided to spruik their other titles at a slight discount?

    One line replies with vague statements aren't cutting it anymore.

    It's no wonder so many of Ubisoft's employees leave the company with a sigh of relief (you know who I'm talking about), as it seems nobody could organise a fart at a curry eating contest.
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    Good job, keep it up!

    I just want to say that I truly love this Game! Keep it up.


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    It would be nice to have those maps back,..I never had a problem with them besides the usual disconnect issue like any other maps. Please bring those maps back ASAP. Thank you

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    I played several custom games on High and River fort after new update , and everything works fine. Both maps runs grate on PS4. Please add them back into rotation.

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    penality for abbandon

    Must add penality for abbandon matchs during battle like mgo (Sry my english)

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