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    Quote Originally Posted by Eppela View Post
    This is what I do to somehow play the gaem:

    Duels and Brawl: I deactivate one of my two cores, and it never freezes after a round.

    Skirmish and dominion: just before the end of the match I deactivate one core, and it never freezes.

    Elimination: I can't play these because one core is not enough and other player or AI disappear if I use just one. I could probably play if I switch cores on and off all the time but that's just too much hassle.

    Oh yeah and btw I have a ****ty pentium G620 cpu but apparently the game doesn't crash if u use half the power??? xD

    So they can't blame this bug on PCs being too weak :^)
    tried but it still freezes out :'(

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    dear UBI

    if i play with bot :black screen after finish round :'(
    if i play wih player: black screen when i join game :'(
    tks UBI for your patch, can you refunded my money :|
    buy game > playing game 15 days > wait patch fix 22 days (may be more)

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    Cool Just letting off some steam

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I've had it with these mother****ing bugs in my mother****ing game! Everybody strap in, we are about to refund some games

    Just kidding I don't have the balls to do that and For Honor is too much fun. But this freezing is just getting on my nerves! I've tried every solution that has been suggested to me and I wrote an email to customer support(to which I still haven't got any response) to get some help. Nothing has happened and time and time again I keep getting blackscreened after almost every round. It's just infuriating to finally figure out how to be kicking the living crap out of that annoying peacekeeper only to be thrown out of the game and have the whole satisfaction taken away from me. I saw that the developers do actually know about this issue and are trying to fix it(if they are telling the truth) but it isn't on the known issues list, which is really worrying

    I just want to play this fun and rage inducing game with my friends, but at this moment it really isn't worth it. We join up a group, search for a game, join the game, get hyped to slaughter some frail samurais or stinking vikings, then my game freezes and that leaves my useless friends all by themselves to fend off those savages. It's just not fun.

    So please, fix this issue, if not for me, then do it for you. I'll promise to be a loyal paying customer who will never complain again. I have moooneey~

    Also, side note, this freezing seems to happen the most whenever I am winning. I don't know, might just be a coincidence but... I am still going to use that as an excuse for my terrible winrate

    PS **** Peacekeepers

    PPS Lawbringer masterrace

    Love you
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