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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Working_Man View Post
    Arrgghhh....Freakin' spoiler tags again which don't work with the mobile version of the forums, so now that we've solved the puzzle we still don't know what the dlc will be.

    So, can someone spoil my frustration by saying whether this is a multi-pack from the band that we just figured out, or is that 1 song of a variety pack?
    Sorry! I'll stop using the spoiler tags from now on. Unless it's something I specifically don't want you to see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UbiVertigo View Post
    Great job, everyone!

    "Underdog" by Kasabian will be one of four tracks on the upcoming Variety Pack VIII!

    Thanks to RS222 for this week's clue!
    This is a pretty good song. Now I'm looking forward to this pack!

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    Not my usual type of song, but their engineer mixes the bass in at proper levels, so I can't rate it low. Now we just have to wonder if this is the most famous song in the pack, or just the most convenient for a clue...

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    Quote Originally Posted by UbiVertigo View Post
    Sorry! I'll stop using the spoiler tags from now on. Unless it's something I specifically don't want you to see.
    In my opinion there is no need to stop using them. In the long run it would be nice, if spoiler tags would work in the mobile version, but people can switch to the desktop version til then.

    For those who haven't figured out how to switch to the desktop version: On iOS you open the mobile version and then tap and hold the reload icon in the top right of safari. It brings up a dialog box which let's you switch to the desktop version of the page.
    I am sure it can be done on Android aswell. Maybe someone you knows exactly how can post it for the sake of completeness.

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    When I just opened this thread, I was first hoping for "Can I Get a Witness" by Marvin Gaye ... and when I went further through the thread, I was even hoping for "Underdog" ... but ... from Sly & the Family Stone ... well, but this month is a good one anyway ... at least we now wouldn't need to fight anymore for our right to party on Rocksmith :-))

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    I've heard of them, but don't really know them.

    That track sounds very decent though. My kind of stuff. Looking forward to finding out the rest.

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    Never heard of them but will absolutely be buying this one...

    Rare that I like a song on first listen. Good pick and thanks RS for expanding my listening (and soon playing) repertoire.

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    According to Allmusic, "Named after Linda Kasabian, Charles Manson's getaway driver turned state witness."

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    I recognize a few of their songs. I really like it. If Trent Reznor produced an Oasis album this is what you would get.
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    The Brits make better music than Americans, so this is probably going to be a great pack to get.

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