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    Endwar Remastered

    I think its time for a Tom Clancy's Endwar remastered for consoles. I have been craving to play some Endwar multiplayer for so long now. Also i have a group of friends that definitely feel the same. Please Ubisoft make it happen, no strategy game compares to how great Endwar was. Thank you.
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    Life would be complete if i had Endwar remastered. Ubisoft Make it Happpen!

    Remaster or Endwar 2.
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    Endwar remastered!!!!!!!!!

    Remaster it~!!!!
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    Remaster endwar please!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REMASTER THIS GAME! Fingers crossed for news at E3 this year.... The browser game they made was kind of a slap in the face....
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    A remastered version would be great, with more factions, more types of units, bigger campaign map+story and the option to command the regular militaries instead of the special forces.
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    Good old times

    It is sad to see one of the best games I have ever played thrown on the shelve. Never the less END WAR game is a game that you cant get bored off, never. There are always units to kill or as ~KIlliginIsles" always said " no unit killing" lolo. It was a game that had, real time intelligence, Smarts and guts ( would you stay to see your 3 stars unit not make it or would you leave the game ).
    It was a fun game that required skills and every one built a name for himself, players used leave when they see a player that has a reputation wiping out half of your 3 stars in a single battle. God I miss that .It was and still the best strategy game on console.
    A shout out to all the players I met during playing the game for almost 8 years, and to the good and bad times. Benjamin1975 hope your still not mad .
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