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    "Thirst for the game" lmao, that description, yet perfectly describes it.

    Rewatching South Park is helping a bit for me. Searching up news for the game once a day probably isn't helping though. I've been thinking of playing Stick of Truth again, it's just, I played it in September in preparation for this game, then again this February. I haven't played as a Mage though, so that'd be something new I guess.
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    Just got my hands on a Nintendo Switch yesterday so now have something to properly keep me occupied while I wait for news on Fracture But Whole, Zelda should keep me occupied for a bit
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    Almost two or three times a day this game just randomly pops into my mind and I squeal like a little excited girl... In my head of course.

    I've kind of mellowed out though, I only check this place and the Steam forum for this game once a day rather than several. Currently on the 5th season of my South Park rewatch, will clearly finish it before the game is out, but then I'll have gotten some kind of South Park fix, especially after the Coon & Friends episodes.
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