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    Bumping this again. I've wanted Sabotage and Magic Carpet Ride since I started playing the game. Massive props.
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    I know it's just a game, I know it's a business.... but you guys have given me many hours of joy. Been playing guitar since the late 60's ... nothing has kept my hands on the instrument as much as RS has .... seriously's almost a public service. Some of the best money I have spent in my life .... just hard to express how much I appreciate your efforts. You are doing guitar God's work my friends.
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    Good idea, op. The Rocksmith teams works really hard to deliver amazing content at a regular pace, and I'm happy to support this game as much as I can! And, kudos to the community outreach for the free DLC contests/drawings, doing livestreams, and, last but not least, the weekly puzzles for DLC releases! Your DLC releases batted a thousand in December 2016 and February 2017 for me. Keep on rocking!

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    I'd like to take this opportunity to Thanks RS/RS2014 Team.

    When I was teenager I was listening to Metallica, Rollins Band, Black Flag, Iggy Pop, (some local bands like: Disembarkation, Mononc' Serge) and others. I didn't really gave much of a funk about bass at all. Then I discovered Primus, totally insane bass. Soon after I bought a bass. Because I've always been some kind of society misfit, always different, pretty much alone, thinking different always been natural to me. Doing like everybody always seemed odd to me. Anyway, I bought a bass. Mainly because its kinda the instrument that I identify to (people have low opinion of it, think it's dumb, easy, useless, and that it follows the guitar (when it's actually the opposite) . And Les Claypool sure knew how to show me it could be an awesomely cool instrument. So I did play bass by my own with some tabs and a few other things. After 10 years, I wasn't really good at it. Alone is tough, motivation comes easily when in team. I didn't play enough. Tab were hard to come by for me, those ****ty internet tabs were also a let down.

    Then a friend of mine, who plays a little guitar and is a Guitar Hero fan, showed me Rocksmith.
    And I swear I would have bought it release day 1 if I had knew it existed. Played it for a while and got better even though those menus were a pain! But then Rocksmith 2014 came out and wow! 3 years later, i'm starting to get really good at bass. I need a bit more practice. I would need to build my muscles too, it would help in the long runs. Even to this day I automatically strum chords flamenco style like Les Claypool does, cause I learned to do it and did it for 10 years. I really try to play double stops and chords like I should, I know how to do it, but my automatic first reflex is to flamenco strum those chords.

    I've been studying a little music theory here and there, i'm lacking a few things to be a confident song writer, but i'm not far.
    Rocksmith has been the perfect practice tool for me. I bought a lot of songs (I have about 850 of them at this moment). Lots of them I only wanted them to have something else to play. I do sessions where I play some miscellaneous songs to warm up, and I do some harder songs I have trouble playing well or playing easily. That's how I get better. Find the songs at the limit of my current skill and play them from time to time. Some songs I didn't play for over a year, some were too though the first time I tried them and never played them again. More than a year later, I try them again, and they look and sound way easier. (I'll keep playing until they all seem ridiculous, gnwahahahaha.)

    Anyway, Thanks RS Team for all the good work. And keep up the great work!!!! Happy 1000th!

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    Folks...this means to the world to the team. Thank you.
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    Congratulations on putting your 1000th DLC through!!!

    Thanks for all the great work and engagement with us lot, it makes a big difference.

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    Amen to all of the above. Roughly 5 years ago I'd owned a guitar for a couple of years but really couldn't do much at all beyond five or six intro riffs and goofing around with studying the electronics/effects side of things. Nothing out there quite fit the way my mind worked for learning to play, and I live too far away from town to bother with driving in just for lessons. I picked up the Steam edition right when it came out, and it just fit my way of thinking perfectly. Big plus that flipping around to left-handed playing was no issue. I'm still kind of a gaming player rather than serious player - I sight-read and play to the game rather than memorize and master pieces. But it sounds like music now, and I have you guys to thank for that
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