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    Clue for 2/07 DLC


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    They tweeted two more pics:

    All .jpegs, so no hidden files.

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    could it be "dames booze chains and boots" by the cramps ?

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    humble pie's good booze and bad women? this is me blind folded throwing darts hopin they stick
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    So its about postcards?

    Postcards from the past, Billy Idol?
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    Church: bible belt -> buckle?

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    "we're the buckle" on the church = Bible belt?

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    Another from Reddit...

    And un-whirled:


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    1920's, women, booze, shirley street, church: Shirley Temple (as in this is a cocktail too)

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    Maybe reaching a little but "We're the buckle" "“If you have a dance somebody will crash it and they’ll be looking for only two things—women and booze." Are quotes from a Rev FR Johnson.

    And “We would like to have a few nice memories.” are quotes from a local school board
    Both tie back to Elmore OK the real life town the movie Footloose was based on.

    Get a little Dizzy ties into Footloose as well.

    Here is an article on Elmore that was on People all the terms in the pictures can be found within it.

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