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    Anyone up for playing AC Brotherhood Multiplayer?

    I have noticed that there is hardly anyone playing the multiplayer on AC Brotherhood and I would like to fix that. I remember playing it when the game first came out and I loved the game so much. I bought it for PC recently to relive those memories but there is no one playing the multiplayer. I would like to have people add me if they would like to play. I think it would be alot of fun. Please add me ( Elykmai ) if you would like to have some fun playing the AC Brotherhood multiplayer.
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    Anyone want to help me with PS3 trophies for AC Brotherhood? That's the only AC game I don't have platinum for since no one was playing MP.
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    @Elykmai When trying to play do you search for a session via 'Play Now' or 'Ranked Match'? When I played the MP (which was some time ago, so I don't know if anything changed) I always had a hard time finding other players when I chose 'Play Now'. It took significantly less time when choosing 'Ranked Match'. Hope this helps you.
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