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    PS3 North America?

    Originally Posted by DanAmrich Go to original post
    All versions of Rocksmith Remastered will receive a patch with key improvements, starting today. This patch may take a week or so to roll out for all players, depending on the platform. Rather than hold all the patches for a simulatenous release, our goal is to publish every platform's patch as soon as it is ready to go. The quicker we can provide fixes for these issues, the better!

    Changes include (but are not limited to):

    • Fixed an issue where DLC would disappear from song lists when selected if the player was signed into an online network. Browsing the song library is now back to normal, and your songs will not try to hide from you.
    • Stability increased -- random program freezes and crashes on multiple platforms should no longer occur.
    • Fixed an issue where on-screen guitar headstock would appear as a wireframe model, missing textures.
    • Shop DLC listings now show correct information regarding contents of song packs, and the metadata file that governs this system has been optimized.
    • Improved note detection on song arrangements that require a capo. (Any missed notes are now your fault again!)

    The patch is now available or will shortly be available on the following platforms:

    • Steam (Windows and Macintosh) -- worldwide (PC - Build #364890, Mac - Build #364775)
    • PlayStation 3 -- Japan (Build #364700)
    • PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4 -- SIEE territories (EMEA)
    • PlayStation 4 -- North America (NCSA)
    • Xbox 360 - worldwide
    • Xbox One -- worldwide

    The patch should automatically attempt to download when you sign into your platform’s online network. If you experience any issues, please reach out to Ubisoft Support with a description of which platform you’re using and details of what you are experiencing.

    Thank you for your patience, and especially for your diligence in reporting issues that you encounter. Your detailed reports help us make Rocksmith to be as good as it can possibly be.

    So Dan, when will the PS3 patch be available in North America?
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    I was wondering if and when the Non Exclusive Fullscreen Beta will go live? It a great patch and it feels like it may have been forgotten about!
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