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    HAWX 1 & 2 Online Play with TUNNGLE LAN Games Software Cleint!

    Hi guys,

    I know some of you like myself still enjoy a game or two but since HAWX servers are down many use TUNNGLE LAN Software.

    Tunngle Basic is 100% free!

    You will be able to play any game you like via Peer to Peer LAN which is better in my honest opinion.

    Tunngle Download Section:-

    Tunngle features more here:-

    Tunngle walkthrough here:-

    Tunngle Help and Support:-

    Tunngle Wiki:-'s_HAWX

    YouTube Tutorials:-

    So see you in HAWX1 I keep flying it every now and then for some fun!
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    If anyone wants to hook up for online matches just send me a "Post Message" here in HAWX Forum then/or use the Tunngle Friends List to build a list on Tunngle.

    If your having problems launching HAWX try this....................


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    Added you, Mate

    Hope to catch up with you on Uplay here, having my Tunngle installed just now! Contact me when you can 8)

    over 'n' out

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    Will this work for unlocking Uplay Coop action?

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