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    Platform: Playstation 3
    Song: Various
    Mode: Various
    Detailed description of the issue: Rocksmith 2014 is freezing/crashing regularly before or after playing songs (play mode does not matter) or Guitarcade games. These freezes appear to be slightly more likely to occur after Guitarcade games; it is actually impossible for me to complete any full levels of Scale Warriors, as the game freezes mid-victory/level transition 100% of the time for said game, thereby erasing any progress up to that point. But in general, I consider it a miracle if I am able to use the game for more than 25-30 minutes without it freezing nowadays.
    What you were doing before this happened: I always wait on the main menu until all of my DLC finishes loading (about 2-2.5 minutes) before starting any game modes.
    Any additional details you think would be helpful: This problem has been persisting on PS3 for the last several patches; Rocksmith 2014 is the only title in my PS3 game collection that has such freezing problems, so I am certain that this does not fall down to an issue with my own console. The patch that was implemented shortly after the Remastered update thankfully stopped the game from freezing after every 2-3 songs, but since the post-Remastered patch, I can still count on one hand the number of times that I have been able to play for more than an hour without the game crashing.
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    Song: All purchased songs
    Mode: learn a song and non stop play
    Detailed description: All 862 purchased songs not available since the April/May patch (can't remember been so long).
    What were you doing before this happened: Installing the defective code Ubisoft released.
    Additional Details: Ticket has been opened since May 2017. It is now August 2017.
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    southpuck, what's your ticket reference number?
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    Platform: PS3
    Song: Mary Jane's Last Dance by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    Mode: Learn A Song
    Detailed description: The game freezes when I want to play the rhythm arrangement
    What you were doing before this happened: I was playing Livin' On Prayer (rhythm path) in Learn A Song
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