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    Bug report: While doing an UG mission last night, had a section that had an alarm (which I shot out) that seemed to be in an infinite loop of generating enemies. I would clear all but 1 enemy, then a new batch would spawn. Couldn't progress past that section, so had to die to reset (after clearing ~ 5 respawns). First time I have seen this.

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    annoying issues

    Hi Dev's
    Since this new 1.4 patch release i started a new agent and the only thing's so far that's annoying are the agent seems to be slower in walk and run modes than before like in 1.3 and the so called bullet sponges are still too strong and most grenades still do little or no damage at all as well as enemy fire being more stronger than the agents ie they fire a couple of hit shots and i'm down to a few percent health or dead when i shoot them it can take hundreds of rounds per armor white bar on bosses before getting to the solid yellow bar and that can take just as many rounds.
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    Hi DEv's with this 1.4 patch update the delays in key press actions to actual action seems more enhanced.

    Do something about the slow walks entering the Post Office and down to the Underground lobby hall they are so annoyingly a wast of time and Why are they there.

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