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    Heroes 8 Ideas

    Heroes of Might Magic 8
    Release date: 2018-08-08
    2.Heroes 8
    4. Factions
    7.Faction Alternatives

    1.History Good and Bad

    All heroes games has good and bad parts and first of all when i say all Heroes games i mean the Heroes 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 (with expansions)
    The first and the fourth games aren't really much to talk about except the creatures of each faction.
    *In Heroes 2 and 3 the creatures had a unique design and both games had 7 resources. What made Heroes 3 so good? Probably that it had 8+ factions and more realistic(better) graphics/design and last but not least, great soundtrack.
    *In Heroes 5 they also had 8 factions but what they also tried in this game was alternative creature upgrades. Which some said made the game better because "the more options, the better" However, the other side said: "to much options makes it more confusing"
    *In Heroes 6 they changed a lot of things, they improved a lot in the graphics and in creature design making all creatures more unique. They added "faction power" to further add a unique play style and feel to each faction. They also added a skill point system that let the player choose what spells he wanted to learn or to add more utility, strength and more. Heroes 6 has the easiest town building layout of all. When building in the town the castle grew from a map/adventure perspective.
    They unfortunately only had 6 factions, took away the Mage building and also removed sulfur, mercury and gems. And they removed the optional creature upgrades they had in Heroes 5.

    *In Heroes 7 they kept the skill point system partly and brought back the mage building. And added a more building system with more options. They added one more champion building/creature to every faction, this was probably the best feature in Heroes 7. (you can only have 1 champion building) And they used an interesting flanking system. They also finally brought back the Academy faction!
    However, they did remove Inferno faction which is unforgivable. They removed griffins from Haven and added Dire Wolfs which clearly doesn't belong in the holy faction Haven. They had other creatures in other factions which are doubtful. They removed the "faction power". Confusing/half organized town building layout. Removed dynamic castles when building tex walls and towers.
    When you look at the art/design of 1creature it looks great and very realistic except for some creatures that have a bad/not unique design, but when you are in a battle and have every creature of that faction it feels like something's not right. It's probably that most of the creatures of the same faction sort off looks the same and have the same colors witch feels boring and (sometimes you even mistake one creature for another by either the picture or on the battlefield.) That would not have happened in the Heroes 2, 3 or 6 since the design and coloring of a creature is so unique.
    It could also be the battlefields coloring that doesn't work well with the creatures colors.
    The graphics of the game have for the first time in the history of Heroes not "improved". Which is fine since it looked good in Heroes 6 already. They did however change it to be more "realistic".

    2.Heroes 8

    To make the best possible Heroes game we should take the best things from the previously games:

    *8 Factions;
    Haven, Inferno, Necropolis, Dungeon, Sylvan, Academy, Fortress, Stronghold.
    *"8" Resources; Gold, Ore, Wood, Gem, Sulfur, Mercury, Crystal (and of sorts Mana)
    *Keep skill point system from Heroes 6 however not to be able to put points in spells (you can still put points in tex spell power, reduced mana cost.)
    *New mage guild system + Mana Well.
    *Choice of 2 champion buildings/creatures.
    *Unique creature design and good graphics.
    *Remove faction power.
    *Improved Heroes 6 town building layout.
    *Remove warfare units (not catapult ofc)
    *Map editor.
    *Castle growth in adventure/map perspective when building tex wall, towers.
    *Great Soundtrack of course. Each town will have a soundtrack of its own when entering town.
    *Flanking system from Heroes 7.


    Gold, Ore, Wood are the main resources that will work as the previously games.
    Gem, Sulfur, Mercury, Crystal will be needed for every faction but some factions will be needing one of those 4 more than the others.
    Haven and Sylvan will be needing Sulfur more since sulfur is an essential element for all life.
    Academy and Necropolis will be needing Crystals more since crystals are connected with magic.
    Dungeon and Fortress will be needing Gems more since gems can be found deep within the jungle and caves.
    Inferno and Stronghold will be needing Mercury more since mercury is just bad for the environment..

    Mana will work mostly like its always have with the exception of how its regenerated. In the previously games its been refilled a little each day by itself.
    In Heroes 8 it will also regenerate each day but the amount of mana regenerated will be based of how deep your Mana Well is in your town.
    (more on this will be explained in section 5.Buildings)


    8 Factions. With all factions having 3 core creatures, 3 elite creatures and 2 champion creatures.


    -Core creatures-
    Crossbowman->Veteran Crossbowman

    -Elite creatures-
    Griffin->Imperial Griffin

    -Champion creatures-
    Angel-Arch Angel
    Paladin->Holy Paladin


    -Core creatures-
    Familiar->Demon Goat

    -Elite creatures-
    Efreet->Efreet Sultan
    Phooka->Banished Phooka (red and black shadow demon that can transform into another creature in battle but only one time in a battle. After the battle ends it retakes its shadowform and regain the transform ability. It cannot transform into Champion Creatures.

    -Champion creatures-
    Devil->Arch Devil
    Fallen Angel->Satanic Angel


    -Core creatures-

    -Elite creatures-
    Vampire->Vampire Lord
    Lich->Arch Lich

    -Champion creatures-
    Grim Raider->Grim Reaper
    Bone Dragon->Spectral Dragon

    -Core creatures-
    Lurker->Shadow Lurker
    Puppeteer->Soulless Puppeteer
    Dark Elf->Dark Elf Assassin or Dark Elf Mercenary?

    -Elite creatures-
    Minotaur->Minotaur Guard
    Medusa->Medusa Queen

    -Champion creatures
    Red Dragon->Black Dragon
    Spiderling->Spider Empress


    -Core creatures-
    Hunter->Master Hunter
    Dwarf->Battle Dwarf

    -Elite creatures-
    Druid->Druid Elder
    Pegasus Raider->Unicorn Raider
    Anggitay->Elite Anggitay

    -Champion creatures-
    Kirin->Emerald Kirin

    This sylvan faction is more inspired by Ramparts from Heroes3. The Pegasus Raider is a human riding a Pegasus the evolved creature is a human riding a Winged Unicorn. In my opinion it would be to much to bring in a centaur, unicorn and a Pegasus. Thats why the upgraded form of Pegasus is a Winged Unicorn.
    Since the Sylvan team is a Sanctuary for all races it has a dwarf, human, elf and other creatures from nature.
    Anggitay and Centauride means female centaur, alternative names: *Centauride->Centauride Elite.
    or *Anggitay->Anggitay Celestial.

    Kirin alternative names: Kirin->Sacred Kirin
    or Divine Kirin
    The Kirin will be able to fly but will it be able to fly over walls or just hover over the ground like in Heroes 6?

    -Core creatures-
    Fire Toad(ranged)->Arcane Toad (Learned Toad->Enlightened Toad?)
    Gargoyle->Obsidian Gargoyle
    Golem->Stone Golem

    -Elite creatures-
    Djinn->Unchained Djinn (or Djinn Unchained)
    Rakshasa->Rakshasa Raja
    Mage->Arch Mage

    -Champion creatures-
    Phoenix->Arcane Phoenix


    -Core creatures-
    Gnoll->Gnoll Thrower
    Basilisk->Greater Basilisk

    -Elite creatures-
    Wyvern->Venomous Wyvern
    Lizardman->Lizard Archer
    Naga->Jade Naga

    -Champion creatures-
    Hydra->Chaos Hydra
    Bataar->Bataar Rex


    -Core creatures-
    Centaur->Centaur Marauder
    Wolf->Dire Wolf
    Goblin->Goblin Brute

    -Elite creatures-
    Orc->Orc Chieftain
    Troll->Blood Troll (throws rocks like in Heroes 2)

    -Champion creature-
    Cyclops->Enraged Cyclops
    Behemoth->Ancient Behemoth

    Faction Bonuses


    *Resistance: 30% Light.
    *Weakness: 10% Dark, 10% Fire.
    *Trait bonus: Hope.
    All haven heroes knows the spell Heal.

    *Resistance: 20% Fire. 10% Dark.
    *Weakness: 15% Light, 15% Water.
    *Trait bonus: Demonic Strength.
    At the start of the battle as an inferno hero the number of inferno allied creatures is increased by 10%. The creatures added this way will not remain in the army once the battle ends.

    *Resistance: 10% Water, 10% Earth, 10% Air.
    *Weakness: 15% Fire, 15% Dark.
    *Trait bonus: Sanctuary.
    +20% in diplomacy. And does not have different faction creature moral loss. (base diplomacy is 5% for all heroes)

    *Resistance: 20% Dark. Moral cannot be lowered or increased.
    *Weakness: 15% Light, 15% Fire.
    *Trait bonus: Necromancy & Reanimate.
    A spell that all necropolis heroes starts with, that resurrects/"heals" undead only (scales with Magic(spell power)).
    All necropolis heroes also knows Necromancy which means 5% of all living creatures that dies in a battle is turned into skeletons after the battle(or hoplites if that building has been bought) and 5% of all undead that dies in a battle is turned into ghosts after the battle (or banshee if the building has been bought)

    *Resistance: 20% Dark, 10% Earth.
    *Weakness: 15% Light, 15% Fire.
    *Trait bonus: Stealth.
    All dungeon creatures in the dungeon heroes army are invisible the first turn unless they attack. Moving, Wait command and Defense command does not brake stealth.

    *Resistance: 5% resistance on all magic schools.
    *Weakness: 5% to physical attacks.
    *Trait bonus: Learned.
    All academy heroes gains +20% experience. And starts the game with 1 random tier 1 spell.

    *Resistance: 10% Earth, 10% Air, 10% Water.
    *Weakness: 20% Fire, 10% Light.
    *Trait bonus: *Growth.
    Increases all resources the fortress hero picks up by +1 except gold which is +100.

    *Resistance: 10% Fire, 10% Dark, 10% Earth.
    *Weakness: 15% Light, 15% Water.
    *Trait bonus: *Unbreakable.
    The defense of all stronghold creatures in the stronghold hero army is increased by 10% until they have taken damage, then that creature loses its bonus.

    The building layout in heroes 8 will be a similar hybrid version of Heroes 3 and Heroes 6. With 19 building slots.

    This is the layup:

    -Town Hall- -Castle- -Tear of Asha building-

    -CoreCreature1- -CoreCreature2- -CoreCreature3- -Tavern- -MarketPlace- - Blacksmith-

    -EliteCreature1- -EliteCreature2- -EliteCreature3- -ResourceSilo- -Treasury-

    -ChampionCreature1- -ChampionCreature2- -MageGuild- -ManaWell- -TownPortal-

    The layup/format makes it easy and organized, for the creatures it will be a picture/icon on the creature so its easy to spot.
    And of course the other buildings will have a picture of that building so that to will be easy to distinguish.
    Below every building it will be small boxes like in Heroes 6 that tells you how many upgrades that building have.

    The picture background for the havens it can be church glass or a sun with light beams or simply clouds. For stronghold it can be a dessert background.

    All towns will have a theme soundtrack that fits the faction.

    *3 Core creature buildings, 3 Elite creature buildings, 2 Champion creature buildings

    *Marketplace -> Resource Silo (upgrade)
    -> Treasury (Artifact upgrade)
    Resource Silo upgrade lets the player choose to get 1 Sulfur or 1 Mercury or 1 Gem or 1 Crystal or 1 Wood and 1 Ore each day.
    Artifact upgrade lets the player sell artifacts in its marketplace.

    *Tavern -> Thieves Guild (upgrade)
    Tavern lets the player hire new Heroes.
    Thieves Guild upgrade lets the player buy information about their enemies.

    Lets the player buy a Catapult for siege battles.

    *Town Portal -> Master Town Portal (upgrade)
    Town Portal gives the Hero the ability to teleport back to its closest town with the Town Portal at the cost of 50% of the Hero's max mana and consumes the Heroes remaining movement.
    Master Town Portal upgrade lets the player choose to teleport to whatever town he likes of his controlling if he is in the town with the Master Town Portal upgrade.

    *Village Hall -> Town Hall (upgrade)-> City Hall (upgrade)-> Capital (upgrade)
    Village Hall will be installed by default when the player starts the game. It will produce +500gold each day.
    Town Hall upgrade cost 2k gold, 2ore, 2wood. And increases daily income by +1k gold.
    City Hall upgrade cost 5k gold, 5ore, 5wood. And increases daily income by +2k gold.
    Capital upgrade cost 10k gold, 10ore, 10wood. And increases daily income by +4k gold.

    *Castle -> Citadel (upgrade)
    Castle surrounds the town with Walls and a Keep. Cost 5k gold, 10ore, 10wood.
    Citadel surrounds the town with a Moat like terrain that slows down enemies in a siege battle and adds 2additional Towers. Cost 5kgold, 10ore, 10wood.

    *Mage Guild level 1 -> MG lvl 2 -> MG lvl 3 -> MG lvl 4
    Mage Guild level 1 cost 1k gold and 2 of every other resource.
    MG lvl 2 (upgrade) cost 1k gold and 4 of every other resource.
    MG lvl 3 (upgrade) cost 1k gold and 6 of every other resource.
    MG lvl 4 (upgrade) cost 1k gold and 8 of every other resource.

    In the Mage Guild there will be a skill tree like the one in Heroes 6 but just for magic. And there are 4 tiers.
    The 7 schools are:*Air *Fire *Earth *Light *Prime *Water *Dark
    The prime school involves spells like Conjure Boat, Summon creatures from town, Walk on water, Teleport(short range), Map Vision. (spells to use in adventure mode)

    Mage Guild level 1 lets the Hero choose 5 spells from any school but only tier 1 spells.
    MG lvl 2; 4 spells from any school but only tier 2 or below.
    MG lvl 3; 3 spells from any school but only tier 3 or below.
    MG lvl 4; 2 spells from any school, tier 4 or below.

    *Mana Well level 1 -> MW lvl 2 -> MW lvl 3 -> MW lvl 4
    Mana Well is what gives and restores mana of the Hero.
    The default mana is 50. and 20 mana regen every day. For every Hero.
    MW lvl 1; gives the hero +15 max mana and +10 mana regen.
    MW lvl 2; gives the hero +15 max mana and +10 mana regen.
    MW lvl 3; gives the hero +15 max mana and +10 mana regen.
    MW lvl 4; gives the hero +15 max mana and +10 mana regen.

    *Tear of Asha building
    After finding Tear of Asha the hero is allowed to build a special building that provides 5k gold each day and +100% creature growth each week.

    Before the game begins when the players decides what faction and what hero to use the player will have 15 attribute points to spend or he can choose random which distributes the 15points at random.
    The attributes are: *Might (adds to creature attack)
    *Destiny (adds to creature luck)
    *Defense (adds to creature defense)
    *Leadership (adds to creature morale)
    *Magic (increases the power of spells)
    *Movement (how many steps the Hero can take each day)
    *Spirit (increases the max mana and mana pool)
    {Each point of spirit increases the max mana and regen by 2}

    The default stats of every Hero are: 0 Might
    0 Destiny
    0 Defense
    0 Leadership
    0 Magic
    20 Movement
    0 Spirit
    (however all heroes starts with 50mana and 20 mana regen)
    The player cannot spend more than 5 attribute points in 1attribute (example: 5might, 25movement, 3defense, 2destiny)
    All heroes have 5% diplomacy (except the sylvan heroes who have +20% and doesn't suffer of moral loss when having different faction creatures.)

    7.Faction Alternatives
    There are a few creatures on a few factions that im not sure about if its the right placement so this is an alternative faction list.


    -Core creatures- Swap the Dark Elf for a panther Stalker?

    Dark Elf->Dark Elf Assassin or Dark Elf Mercenary? Stalker->Death Stalker

    -Elite creatures-

    Phooka->Banished Phooka

    Disir->Valkyrie instead of Phooka?

    This text is copied from the word document i have worked on so the pictures of all the creatures and the magic spell system and town building format wasnt transfered to this forum.. But i will gladly send or post the word file if someone wants it.

    My name is Niklas.W hope you enjoyed and thank you.
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    Originally Posted by Birek1317 Go to original post
    Heroes of Might Magic 8


    *Keep skill point system from Heroes 6 however not to be able to put points in spells (you can still put points in tex spell power, reduced mana cost.)

    Thumbs down. H5 system is the best now.

    Originally Posted by Birek1317 Go to original post
    Heroes of Might Magic 8

    *Remove faction power.
    You crazy ?
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    Welcome here, it seems you have spent a lot of time to create this list.

    However I can confirm many ideas you prefer and propose would not make the majority of players happy, for example the skill or town mechanics. Also you forgot to mention my favourite faction: Sanctuary.
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    I'm not dead fools, Immortal
    Heroes of Might Magic 8 = King Kilgor Survive.
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    Stop it, get some help.
    When flanking is the ONLY thing that previous Heroes could be jelaous of, then there's a question. What did go wrong? Where are all the units we fell in love with in previous titles? How do we close the wormhole that ate last 10 years of HoMM development. When "Heroes: Might & Magic " chages it's name to "Might&Magic" you know the franchise is going down. Oh well
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    Originally Posted by Wo0olfgang Go to original post
    Thumbs down. H5 system is the best now.

    You crazy ?
    It's a shame that H5 system was one of the best... since 1999
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    Seems balanced

    Originally Posted by Birek1317 Go to original post
    Heroes of Might Magic 8
    *Resistance: 20% Dark, 10% Earth.
    *Weakness: 15% Light, 15% Fire.
    *Trait bonus: Stealth.
    All dungeon creatures in the dungeon heroes army are invisible the first turn unless they attack. Moving, Wait command and Defense command does not brake stealth.
    Bruh, imagine going full luck and attack. buffing all your units first turn and moving them to the front of the battlefield, next turn crit with all these guys except for zombies (didn't make it in invisibility in time) dealing tons of damage and oneshooting all glass cannons. You can even buff your units with speed and put on some speed artifacts so your ranged units can move forward stealthed in the first turn and shoot with full potential in the next one. I appreciate your input but that's why you don't make games
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    Sea monsters

    I think it would be fun sea or ocean faction, monsters and skills
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    It could be Sanctuary (first appeared in H6), my most favourite faction - I miss it so much
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