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    Could be a special once an hour DZ/ pve supply drop guarded by 4+ bosses, so you would need most of the server to take them down, The squad that gets the most kills + boss dmg the squad leader can loot the access codes for the winning squad. The box should contain gold caches that can drop anything for each player stright to non DZ inventory, say 4 each ?. The people who missed out on the strong box still walk away with the boss drops, everyone wins. Could do infinite enemy waves to keep the kill count relevant. If a squaddie dies his kill cont resets and you lose his contribution to the squad score. Can come back and continue the fight though.
    Something like a Destiny thing? Hmmm...that's pretty cool.

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    DZ should not and should never have been a group play experience, it should be solo only and here are just a few reasons why:

    1) It adds to the experience of co-operation or conflict, do you trust that other lone agent? will you clear that landmark together? will you protect your extraction together? will he try to kill you?
    2) 8 skills cannot be utilized by one player which is how it is now, no wonder 4 man teams steam roller their way through smaller teams, they have more skill resources to call on.
    3) gear set talents that boost a team become irrelevant (yeah Reclaimer/Sentry im looking at you)
    4) players will have to spec builds more for survivability getting from a-b and not having to rely on team members for revives and heals,( bye bye glass canon builds in the dz. ), (shotguns will still be powerful but some of that firearms will need to be dropped for survivability to be able to be used effectively)

    Sure this wont stop groups of people getting together just as we get groups of 5+ players now, those players choose to work co-operatively but at present they are op due to how skills/gearset talents are pooled, that is of no consequence if a solo only approach is adopted. Only skill that should be pooled between agents is health (and at a 40% cap of what the donor agents limit is), downed player health pool should be dropped by 50%.
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    I would love the pvp to be more balanced so that we can have more tactical fights against other players. Any and all bonuses should be disabled for PvP, then we will truly get a great PvP experience!

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