â· There will be a medic specialty for one of your team members
â· Set in North Korea
â· Each mission begins with a intro cut scene for that mission instead of a briefing in a box read by your CO
â· You control only one man during all the missions, who is named Captain Scott Mitchell
â· There is more character development
â· There will be voice commands for XBOX
â· You can see that Ghosts have more proper form and carry their gun better than the tangos
â· Red Storm visited Fort Bragg and used two special ops guys for motion captures
â· Havok 2.0 engine is used
â· Tank treads roll and fold over bumpy terrain
â· Will have 5.1 surround sound
â· Has bloom lighting effects (better sunsets and explosions)
â· You can go prone and hide in the grass
â· Dynamic lighting gives accurate shadows on everything
â· XBOX version has adapted the Rainbow Six 3 command interface (point and press Y for the team to do the relevant command)
â· You will have the option of either first person or OTS by pressing a single button
â· With OTS you can see the hand signals you give to the other members of your team

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