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    Really didn't like it when you took away my signature. Was fun to make it and I really liked it. And I think it's important to have one, just limit the size and let us be. If you change my name, I'm gone.....

    And don't you think people expressing themselves in words is better than 1,000,000 likes?

    Just one last thought: when I first read this I thought about all the crappy changes they do at my work place announcing that they are really excited about them. Strangely enough, we almost never feel the same. Felt exactly the same with these changes. I'm sure you can do better!
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    Hello and thank you for the info of up coming changes.

    Why are you adding all of the extra hassle like uploading a forum avatar to Ubisoft club instead of simply allowing us to do it through the forum website as it is currently? What purpose does it serve? I personally want to have a different forum avatar than the one I use as my Ubi gamer avatar because variety makes me happy.

    Can you explain the reasoning behind dropping forum signatures a bit more? "Smoother thread reading" is hardly a crucial factor concerning signatures. Dropping signatures will make the Ubi forums a much more dull place to be in in my opinion. Also what then is the point of some Ubisoft games' digital fan packages like the recent one from For Honor where they give you pre-made signature banners to use in your signature if none of us are allowed to have signatures in the official Ubisoft forums? The promotion for your games will happen more in places like Reddit and Gamefaqs then and people who like to show their appreciation for upcoming titles via signature banners will simply go to the many forums that have signatures and not bother with the Ubisoft forums. All in all signatures are for a bit of fun and individuality and taking that away indicates to me that Ubisoft are not into being a fun place to be a gaming individual.

    The function of upvotes and downvotes can be easily abused as another tool for trolling on forum websites. That's why many forums have ditched this feature or kept it only as a "like button" with no negative equivalent.
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    Originally Posted by bitebug2003 Go to original post
    Signature removal is a step back

    I have used this name since I joined - don't change things for the sake of changing things.
    People know each other by their forum names not their Ubi Club names

    Sorry - but how do you get to decide who we are friends with?

    I've been on this forum for way too long to accept this.

    Oh and any voting system is open to abuse
    I hereby up-vote this message. And signature removal really is a big step back. We're not in the 90s anymore guys and girls. A couple of colourful well made signatures won't break the very fabric of the Intermanet. With the kindest of regards to Ubisoft but all of these proposed changes are all a step back in terms of functionality, flexibility, variety, personal customisation and aesthetics. Please reconsider them.

    Thank you kindly
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    Signatures are also very good place to guide new people to correct place to search information... Why did YOU removed them? they didn't harm you in any way...!

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    --- all achieved with free to play ---

    Guides and Useful Topics for Trials Frontier
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    Add Voting only please
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    Suggestion for the game For honor

    Ubisoft you know how the game somtimes kicks people out when someone decides to leave i think to improve player‘s game experiences the game should most likely give those who were kicked out because of that situation some coins so that they can still level up their character as well as their wont be many problems of upset people. I only suggest this to help others out thank you for reading.
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    It has definitely made the forum easier and faster to navigate... it's easier to read but I do miss the quotes in replies being highlighted
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    I think its too zoomed, actually makes it a little tricker to read. Too white as well, the forum seems lighter than ever.
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    After new forum changes now it is very difficult to find new / unread posts in a particular forum.

    For example before recent changes we could see at least the last post and its date in every subforum of the forum
    (example: Heroes 7 forum - main mage - we could see last post and its date in every sub-forum)
    and this is very impoertant because you immediately understand if any new posts to read or not.
    Now it is really not convenient because you need to check all the sub-forums manually in order to understand if any new comments there.

    Please kindly make the last comment & date of every subforum visible on the main page of the forum.
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    that's really helpful for me
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