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    I really was getting tired of solo que before I joined Sf. So I set out to find a worthy team. When I first joined the team sf team speak I was pleasantly surprised at how nice and helpful everyone was. I could play ranked or casual at almost anytime with a full team. Not only did my rank improve I also enjoyed the game more. Thats because this game was built for u to have a team. Months later I'm still in the team enjoying everything it has to offer the same as I did day one. So what are u waiting for? Come check us out on
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    Team-Sf is always looking for someone new to join the team. We are a very active group, and it is always easy to get a team together to play casual or ranked. We hold in house scrims every weekend but you have to be a member to join. So don't miss out come play with us and join! Our website is
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    Tired of randoms leaving ranked? Come join us and you won't need to worry about that anymore. That is one of the reasons I joined. Then you can finally have a 5v5 ranked match. Our website is . We are always looking for a new team mate. We are a very friendly community of adults.
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    Playing solo is not how this game was ment to be played. Join SF and play the game how it was ment to be played with a full squad whether it be casual or ranked. Or if your into competitive you can join our comp team! Sign up on our website
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    A Friendly and Social Community: Started in 1997

    We are a friendly and social community and we play custom, ranked, and casual games every day. The only requirements we have are to be at least 16 and have a mic.

    We were established in 1997 and have been around in the gaming scene ever since.
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