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    Far Cry The Wild Expedition - DLC not working - codes invalid

    I purchased the Wild Expedition version Far Cry 3 which is supposed to include Far Cry Classic and Blood Dragon as downloads ( WIth Far Cry 2 and 3 on disc)

    In both cases, the codes come back as not valid when entered on Xbox 360 'redeem a code'. I've redeemed plenty of other codes for games recently without issue - so I can only guess the problem lies with bad codes issued in these packs.

    They are not expired or already redeemed - so just wondering if anybody else has has the same problem while trying to redeem their digital downloads of Far Cry Classic and Blood Dragon?

    I've opened a support ticket also - but nothing back yet.

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    You have to have a European xbox live account for the codes to be valid, this is because one of the games, Far Cry Classic, was only released in Europe.

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