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    What the hell is wrong with co-op missions?

    I finally want to play the co-op missions to collect the respective achievements. But this is an awful task.

    Why is it that I almost always get to play the "Ready or not" mission? Why can't I choose a mission I want in the public lobby? The only one available is always "Ready or not" and I am so not ready to play it endlessly.

    Why does the Overboard mission, that is so hard to start, always snap off close to the end and all my co-players are suddenly gone or rather "overboard"?

    I am struggling with the co-ops for a month now without having any progress, only repeating the same old "Ready or not" missions.

    Wasted a whole saturday today for nothing.. .
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    I have versions for the xbox, ps3, and pc. All of them have this problem. I suggest going to your friends house and forcing them to play it with ya. There's no other way around it, unless you play co - op forever.

    Only time that co - op online matters is when it's a daily or weekly challenge (My current one is to kill 300 enemies in co - op...)
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