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    I bought the game because I wanted to play time attack mode and I took it for for granted that the game would have this game mode. If I could choose I would rather have my money back when I see that the game doesn't have this game mode in split screen. I played the existing splitscreen modes for a couple of hours with my friends and got bored of the game. Now I only play the game if I'm really bored on my own.
    Same thing.
    Seems like nadeo doesn't care about the issue because this thread was created a year ago, or so and nothing has changed yet.
    This is what happens when the developers only care about money and forget their players.
    It's a shame really, cause the game is good and the community is really big for such game.
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    Can't belive this game mode isn't in the game. Regret buying it on release day, have 1h26m total play time. Wish I could play online with my brother and compete against each other and others players but game devs most be ******ed to not have added this mode.
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