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    Even i would ask for a reboot or pop2008 sequel .anyway ....two thrones babylon setting is good.. big tower in middle is soo cool.

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    Do not trust him most youtubers only talking they are not a part of UBI team so do not be naive.I like PoP too I want new game with epic story.I have collected them all so I will pay any price for new one.

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    I just want a damn sequel to Prince of Persia 2008. I get why some people don't like it, but I also get why a lot of people loved it! I mean, it sold more than 2 million copies (2009), that should warrant a sequel, no? Oh, and cliff-hanger much??

    Also, this hipityhop "gamer" mentions this new Prince of Persia taking place after Forgotten Sands.. please no. We don't need that. Don't mess up the Sands of Time Trilogy further. The platforming was decent but the story, the combat (oh God the atrocious combat) and the animations we're terrible. Running on walls, swinging on bars, it all looked so... wrong.. Felt weird. I feel awful a Prince of Persia game like that got out, but I'm grateful for the platforming.

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    I played Forgotten Sands and I can't imagine a more boring game to be honest that was in the Prince Of Persia series. I played the PC version and just considering how stupid the camera movement is, it's by far the 1st reason to abandon the game. Not so say anything about the gameplay mechanics, that start with endless rooms, in a very big castle... just imagine a very boring castle, where you just go from left to right, right to left and left to right again, without any plan or anything in between. That's the castle in "Forgotten Sands", an endless boring castle. Just exploring the castle, makes no sense in itself, there's like no reason to even go futher, that's how boring it was. The minibosses were interesting, if they were alone and not accompanied by some other mobs since then all the fights become boring and non-imaginative. The water mechanic was nice but that's the only good thing that I can remamber about it. Too many rooms to "explore", too big castle to even be worth "exploring" and no sense in that story. So I can't imagine how lame the next Prince Of Persia can be if this one is this bad. It needs either a co-op side which Ubisoft is really lame at or something new, maybe let's stop with **** endless castles with ******ed design and focus on smaller maps, that make sense. Maybe a bow for the prince? I think he could use both a bow and a long sword, just to bring something new to the series.

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    I just want new prrince of persia to be dark and fun like warrior within.please no pop 2008 and forgotten sands..

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    Angry POP3 Kindred Blades

    Get back POP 3 INDRED BLADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    but then there was light the gaming gods

    just do it...yeah yeah
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