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Thread: Rumor 2017 AC Game A Total Revamp Set in Egypt | Forums

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    ^^^Absolutely. I figure parkour-free-running to look and feel similar to Marcus' in Watch-Dogs 2. No real tall buildings, at least climbable, and Marcus had the most fluid movement in an Ubi game to date.

    Also brings something else to mind, baring the whole pet eagle mechanic is true for Empire/Origins: in WD2, Marcus could use his quad-copter to scout a location for enemies and entry points, essentially getting the lay of the land prior tackling the mission. Figure this eagle thing will be pretty similar, allowing the protag to either sync the area and open the map to reveal activities, or to find a climbable sync point that may not be visible from ground level. After all, in all games when we climb up to the perch to sync an area an eagle is always waiting for us at the top. Since this is supposedly an origin story, it might show how the Assassin's first came to utilize eagles as scouts. If that's true, that's kinda cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DisCrafted View Post
    Just wanted to clear something about Live Operations, they are also called Live Services. They're not events or anything. It's just a method to lengthen the life cycle of a game. e.g: Free Updates, Expansions, Season Passes etc etc. Just look at Watch Dogs 2 and R6 Siege. They even cancelled a game (Super Tip: Siege 2) in order to have more content for Siege. This method helps them in a way so that they don't have to release a sequel every 2 years. All upcoming Ubi titles including: AC2017, Far Cry 5 and The Crew 2 will use this. This may include Microtransactions as well. Check out &
    So basically what most online MP focussed games have been doing - CoD, Destiny, Division, Overwatch, GTA etc etc. I feel like UbiSoft has been doing the same thing, just not under the same banner. The other night while I was lying flat in my bed trying to fall asleep, this thought came in my mind - Unity should have been released this year in 2017 (of course with major upgrade to the lore progression, characters, missions design and other mediocrities). The major installment before this year should have been in 2013 - Black Flag. Since then the series should have remained active via expansions aka AC Liberation, AC Freedom Cry, AC Rogue and may be one more with closure to Connor.

    This would have kept the franchise alive and active, without drawing negativity surrounding Ubi’s effort to push full games into the market annually. It probably would have also required less effort and resources to release expansions instead of full scale games. Albeit the expectations would have also been at a lower level considering they are just expansions or at least not held up to the same standards as of a full game. I feel like this kind of strategy will work with series like Assassin's Creed where the company is desperate to make money off it as much as they can, hardcore fans are eager for new content while a major crowd is aggressively seeking something fresh and renewed in each iteration. This way it would serve both types of crowd - the ones who want regular content and the ones who do not want to play mediocre content annually and want fresh quality content drop to be separated by 3 - 4 years, because there is apparently a correlation between mediocrity and annualization (even though I disagree that annualization is the causation of mediocrity). On top of that this time would allow sufficient time, buffer and feedback loop for a full fledged game to go through an iterative process during it’s development and be received with a much higher appreciation level upon it’s release.

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    Well Far Cry 5 just got teaser trailers today, with a full reveal on Friday. There goes my hope for Assassin's Creed being revealed this week... I guess we won't get anything before E3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SkyeBurner View Post
    Well Far Cry 5 just got teaser trailers today, with a full reveal on Friday. There goes my hope for Assassin's Creed being revealed this week... I guess we won't get anything before E3.
    Ahhhh beat me to it!

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    I imagine it will be quite the reveal, then!

    If I remember correctly, wasn't Unity officially revealed at E3, following some leaks earlier that year?

    I always thought that was an incredible presentation.

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