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    Top Priorities and Known Issues | Updated 5/26/2016

    In order to have a clear understanding of where issues originate from and how fast our responses to problems could be we want to highlight the 3 main components that are responsible for delivering the Rainbow Six|Siege experience.
    • Game client (GC): It is your copy of the game that you have installed on your PC or Console (Updating it requires a Title Update).
    • Dedicated game servers (DGS): It’s a dedicated game server running on data centers distributed around the world to guarantee the best experience, this is where your PVP (Casual and Ranked) game is running. Only 10 players connect at a given moment to a given Game Server. Depending on the severity of the fix we can update it seamlessly or with a maintenance.
    • Online Backend (Backend): This is where the bulk of our online services run i.e. (Matchmaking, Ranking … etc), this is a centralized set of servers that all users are connected to, and acts as the backbone for all of our services. It is running on specialized hardware and software like databases. This is the part that gets impacted the most by the load from of users in peak hours. It also can be updated seamlessly or with a maintenance.

    High Priority Issues

    Issue Name: Cheating Concerns
    • Priority: 1
    • Platform impacted: Mostly PC, but we do monitor all platforms
    • Error description: Based on both our cheating prevention systems and player reports, we are aware that we have some players resorting to third-party tools to increase their game performance in violation of the game’s policies. While we are never going to get into specific details regarding cheating countermeasures, we can confirm that we work daily with our FairFight partners to tune all of our systems, so you can expect their accuracy and effectiveness to constantly improve over time. On top of it, the Customer Support tickets submitted to us about cheaters are all being taken into account, are very useful, and have helped ban many cheaters. Be aware that we do not wish to disclose whether the reported player has been banned or not, so our customer support agents will not be sharing that information with the reporter.
    • Issue fix state: In progress
    • Upcoming fixes & timing:
      • Improve our tracking and banning: We are constantly monitoring all suspicious game activities, both through our cheating prevention systems and thanks to player reports. We have been working since Launch on improving the quality of our detection and we will keep releasing seamless updates to these systems for as long as it will be needed.
      • Empower the community: We have implemented an in-game REPORT feature in order to empower the community. This allows players to flag suspected cheaters. These reports feed directly to our cheating countermeasures to increase their effectiveness.
      • Expanded detection and countermeasures: In order to increase our efforts to counter cheating in Rainbow Six Siege, we will be expanding our criteria to identify potential cheaters. If identified as a potential cheater, that player will be immediately removed from the game and receive a temporary suspension.
      • Upcoming Countermeasures: We will be sharing more information on upcoming countermeasures in future updates.

    Upcoming Patches
    • Update 3.3 - Late June

    Online & Multiplayer

    [XB1/PS4/PC][Multiplayer] Matchmaking [In progress]
    • We are aware that some users are experiencing extended queue times and are looking into it.

    [PS4][Multiplayer] Friends list not updating status [Reported]
    • Players on the Friends list on PS4 are not updating to properly reflect their current in game status.

    Connectivity & Installation

    [XB1/PS4/PC][Multiplayer] Connection Issues / IPv6 [In progress]
    • If your Internet provider is using an IPv6 protocol and you are experiencing issues with online functions of the game, please make sure that IPv4 protocol support is enabled in your router settings. Unfortunately due to sheer number of different router models available on the market we are unable to guide you how to do it, but information regarding this setting should be available in your router's manual or on your ISP's support website.

    [PS4][Multiplayer] Error: [2-0x0000C004] [Reported]
    • This error code is caused by the players PS4 account being set to "Appear Offline".


    Bugs & Glitches

    [XB1/PS4/PC][Bug/Glitch] Joystick Stuttering [In Progress]
    • We have seen cases where some users experience a slight stutter while moving their joystick. We are investigating
    • Fix scheduled for Update 3.2.

    [XB1/PS4/PC][Bug/Glitch] Consulate- Grabbing Hostage while being rescued from a Welcome Mat [Reported]
    • This appears to lead to all clients connected to the match crashing. We are investigating.

    [XB1/PS4/PC][Bug/Glitch] Players are able to clip into white vans [Reported]
    • Players are able to glitch the geometry of maps and gain access to the inside of white vans.

    [XB1/PS4/PC][Bug/Glitch][Blackbeard] Gun Shield disappears in 3rd person when pressed against a collision surface [Reported]
    • Blackbeard's Gun Shield will disappear in 3rd person when the character model is against a surface that has a collision field, like a wall or another character model.

    [XB1/PS4/PC][Bug/Glitch] No Vote to Kick option [Reported]
    • Vote To Kick option will disappear randomly from the beginning of a match or during it.

    [XB1/PS4/PC][Bug/Glitch] [Valkyrie] Black Eyes can be placed in a way to see through walls [Reported]
    • We have reproduced an issue that enabled Valyrie's Black Eyes to clip through walls

    [XB1/PS4/PC][Bug/Glitch] Players stuck at view point that is not connected to player model [Reported]
    • This can sometimes lead players to being stuck staring into the distance, or below the map. We are looking into it.
    • Fix scheduled for Update 3.2.

    [XB1/PS4/PC][Bug/Glitch] [Fuze] Cluster Charge explosives can kill through walls [Reported]
    • In some cases, Fuze's cluster charges are able to kill players through walls.

    [XB1/PS4/PC][Bug/Glitch] [Border] Players are able to clip into the wall while rappelling [Reported]
    • In a specific location, players are able to clip into the wall while rappelling.

    [XB1/PS4/PC][Bug/Glitch] [Border] Hostage doesn't move after attackers have taken them [Reported]
    • Players have reported that the hostage does not move as intended after being taken by the attacking team.

    [XB1/PS4/PC][Bug/Glitch] [Buck] Master Key attachment not doing as much environmental damage as intended [Reported]
    • Buck's shotgun is not currently doing as much damage to the environment as intended after update 2.3. We are looking into it.

    [NEW][XB1/PS4/PC][Bug/Glitch] Welcome Mats that have Electric Shock Wire Batteries on them allow an Attacker to move after they trigger the welcome mat [Reported]
    • We are looking into this.

    [NEW][XB1/PS4/PC][Bug/Glitch] Bullet impacts on Blackbeard's shield are applied to shield Operators in subsequent rounds [Reported]
    • Players who choose Blackbeard and choose a different shield operator next Attack round will have the bullet impacts transferred from Blackbeard's shield to their new Operator at the beginning of the round.

    [NEW][XB1/PS4/PC][Bug/Glitch] There are no ammo refills on the "Border" map when playing Terrorist Hunt Classic [Reported]
    • Players who play Terrorist Hunt Classic on Border will not have any refills available.

    [NEW][XB1/PS4/PC][Bug/Glitch] Operators can become invisible after performing certain actions in a specific order [Reported]
    • We are working on a fix, and have left the description vague on purpose to prevent abuse.


    [XB1/PS4/PC][General] Hit Detection/Registration [In progress]
    • Improvements have been applied in patch 1.2.
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