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    Top Priorities and Known Issues | Updated 4/18/2017

    Issue Name: Hit Detection/Registration
    • Priority: 1
    • Platform impacted: All platforms
    • Error description: Some users are experiencing situations that give them the impression that their bullets are not properly registering as a hit. Other instances lead to enemies not appearing to be aiming directly at the player in the Kill Camera, but still landing shots. It is also worth noting that high latency is not the biggest culprit when it comes to hit registration. Unstable latency leads to more of these issues than high latency, and is something that we will address in the Upcoming Fixes section.
    • Issue fix state: In progress
    • Upcoming fixes & timing:
      • Improved telemetry: Throughout Season 3, one of the primary focuses has been improving the data that we are collecting surrounding the hit registration issue. We have been able to use this data to determine the frequency of shots not registering (<1%) but also to track the cause. This will allow us to better determine the appropriate avenue to take and ultimately help us correct the issue at hand.
      • Align the Kill Camera: We will be taking steps during Season 3 to align the Kill Camera to properly represent where the enemy was aiming. This alignment glitch consists of a majority of the videos that we have seen on the subject, and has been recognized as a point of contention amongst the community.
      • Neck shots are not headshots: We have noticed that some players are landing a hit on the enemy’s neck, but believe they have scored a headshot. We are going to make an adjustment that will make this more noticeable in Season 4.
      • Unstable Connection Icon: Implementing a notification or icon when you are experiencing an unstable connection is something that we would like to implement down the road. We do not have a time frame for when this feature would be implemented.

    Upcoming Patches
    Patch 2.1.3 - TBD

    Online & Multiplayer

    Connectivity & Installation

    [PC][BattlEye] BattlEye Troubleshooting
    • We are aware that some users are encountering difficulty when attempting to run the game with BattlEye. Please refer to the FAQ here, and the troubleshooting thread here.

    [XB1/PS4/PC][Multiplayer] Connection Issues / IPv6 [In progress]
    • If your Internet provider is using an IPv6 protocol and you are experiencing issues with online functions of the game, please make sure that IPv4 protocol support is enabled in your router settings. Unfortunately due to sheer number of different router models available on the market we are unable to guide you how to do it, but information regarding this setting should be available in your router's manual or on your ISP's support website.

    [PC][BattlEye] Poor Laptop FPS
    • We are aware that some users are facing significantly decreased performance when attempting to play on a laptop. Please refer to the troubleshooting thread here.

    Bugs & Glitches

    [Bug/Glitch] X-KAIROS Pellets not detonating [In progress]
    • Hibana's X-KAIROS Pellets do not properly detonate after being triggered.
    • A partial fix was deployed with 2.1.2. We are working on a more substantial fix.

    [Bug/Glitch] Defuser cannot be planted on broken floor [Reported]
    • Defuser cannot be placed on the floors after partially destroying them in certain bomb locations.

    [Bug/Glitch] Ubisoft Club Challenges not tracking [Reported]
    • Uplay Challenges do not update nor complete even if the requirements are met.

    [Bug/Glitch][Fuze] Loss of control [Reported]
    • The character can remain stuck when planting the cluster charges consecutively with the advanced gadget deployment option.

    [Bug/Glitch] Barricade over Bandit batteries [Reported]
    • Narrow doors where Bandit Batteries are placed on razor wire cannot be barricaded.

    [Bug/Glitch] Terrorists knife hostage [Reported]
    • The terrorists will kill the hostage if the player places his drone behind him.

    [Bug/Glitch][Echo] Yokai drone crash [Reported]
    • Game crashes if Echo accesses the drone after walking on a deployable shield placed in the Tellers.

    [Bug/Glitch] DFA bonus for claymore kills while rappelling [Reported]
    • Death From Above bonus applies to all kills, even ones initiated before being in rappel.

    [Bug/Glitch] Gadget deployment in prone [Reported]
    • An issue allows some gadgets to be deployed in unintended ways.

    [Bug/Glitch][Chalet] Players are able to shoot through the floor [Reported]
    • One location of Chalet allows players to shoot through a section of floor that is not intended.

    [Bug/Glitch][Hibana] x-KAIROS launcher does not generate audio/visual cues [Reported]
    • Hibana's X-KAIROS launcher does not always produce audio/visual cues for other players.

    [Bug/Glitch] Red Dot Optics [Reported]
    • With the resizing of the weapon optics in 2.1.2, the Red Dot sight on some weapons remains larger than desired.

    [Bug/Glitch] Destroying the Defuser [Reported]
    • A method exists that can prevent the Defenders from destroying the Defuser.

    [Bug/Glitch] Montagne and C4 [Reported]
    • Montagne's shield is currently experiencing issues with defending against C4.

    [Bug/Glitch] Drone Clipping on Bank [Reported]
    • Drones can get stuck and clip through the floor in some areas of the map.

    [Bug/Glitch] Bouncing Drones in Kafe [Reported]
    • When placed in some trophy cases, drones may shake or bounce in place.

    [Bug/Glitch] Hatch Debris Preventing Secure [Reported]
    • Players can be prevented from securing the objective if they go prone on the plank debris from a destroyed hatch.

    [Bug/Glitch] Suppressor Damage Reduction [Reported]
    • Suppressors effect the damage of some weapons beyond what is intended.

    [XB1/PS4/PC][General] Hit Registration for both players in 1st Person View is inaccurate [In progress]
    • Please refer to the "High Priority Issues" section at the top of the thread.

    [PC][General] Monitor Display [Reported]
    • Triple monitor display configurations are no longer functional.

    [PC][General] GTX 700 Series flickering [Reported]
    • We are aware that GTX 700 series owners are experiencing intermittent flickering.
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