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    You meant the Raving Rabbids game? Let me just make it clear that Raving Rabbids doesn't deserve the name of Rayman 4. It was more like a collection of minigames, and for that reason I never bought it.
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    From the thread 'To make Rayman 4 in 3D'

    "For so long have I been waiting for Rayman 4. Ubisoft needs to stop screwing around with Rayman, sure the artwork is amazing in Origins, Legends and the pay-to-win mobile game Adventures... but those games are missing something. They lack the feel that made Rayman 3 my all-time-favorite platforming adventure. It was the artwork, the music, the design of enemies and environments, and of course the clever gameplay mechanics. The pacing of the game was also very well thought out, I still remember the ridiculously cool hoverboard sections when transitioning from one world to another. Good times. Just hoping that some day Ubisoft will straighten their spine and realize that games are not always about guns, espionage and assassinations "

    You know what I'm trying to say if you've played Rayman 3 as a kid, but imagine that done with the technology that they have now.
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